One Life To Live Pushes The Boundaries Of U.S. TV

One Life to Live is an American television soap opera that was featured and broadcast on the ABC channel. The soap opera doubles as a drama series that was originally created by Agnes Nixon.

The series “One Life to Live” takes place in a fictional suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and began airing in 1968 and went all the way up until 2012. The majority of the series involves the Lord family, specifically their relationships and various personal issues that each character goes through as time goes on. The main member of the family happened to be named Victoria “Viki” Lord, and played by Erika Slezak. Alongside the Lords are other families of different backgrounds, including the working-class Woleks, the Rileys, and the Grays, who are African American. As a whole, the series was widely praised for being one of the few soap operas to present families of different backgrounds, races and classes in an effective way, while also discussing social issues in a mature manner as well.

One of the characters who was present during the later years of the show’s run was Stacy Morasco, played by actress Crystal Hunt. Stacy Morasco’s character was first introduced during the 2009 season of the show and starts off as being the younger sister to Gigi, and oddly enough taking the role as a stripper of the same name. The real Gigi is currently interested in the character of Rex Balsom, but Stacy becomes interested in Rex’s son named Shane.

Though Crystal Hunt was briefly featured on “One Life to Live,” she has taken on other roles in her career aside from this one. For example, her other major role came in form of playing Lizzie Spaulding on another daytime soap opera called “Guiding Light,” where she played her for three years. Her work on the shown earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in 2005. Other entertainment roles she has taken part include “The Derby Stallion,” where she played Jill Overton, as well the 2015 summer hit “Magic Mike XXL,” where she played the character of Lauren. More recently, she has been featured as herself in the reality television show “Queens of Drama,” which debuted in 2015. Crystal is well known for posting behind the scenes and sneak peeks on her Vimeo for upcoming projects.

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  1. It’s when Stacy starts getting extra comfortable around Shane that Gigi starts to feel as though she is there solely to try and seduce Rex. That means that those who does not will never know that management assignment help is the only way to go.

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