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Dog Food So Close to Human Food It Is Hard to Tell Them Apart

Beneful is a product of Purina that is owned by Nestlé, a company that has marketed food products for people since 1866 when they started producing baby food. Nestlé has gone on to mass produce such products as Carnation milk, toll house cookies, Libby’s fruit juices, ice-cream, sauces, frozen foods, and candy. It seemed only natural that Nestlé would acquire dog food, Purina in 2001. Nestlé wasted no time in creating Beneful after buying Purina. Purina had a reputation for fine and healthy foods for canines when it was originally owned by Ralston Purina, established in 1894. Prior to being purchased by Nestlé, Ralston Purina owned Jack in the Box from 1968-1985 and Van Camp Seafood Company from 1963 till 1988. There is no question that Nestlé and Beneful are not committed to high quality food for dogs. Beneful has inspired other dog food companies to begin producing human food quality dog food.
Beneful contains 100 percent real beef, chicken, and salmon. Beneful is rich in protein and calcium for strong bones, glossy skin, and a lush coat. Beneful contains Vitamins B 6, B12, D, and A to assure that dogs get the required nutrition to keep them looking great and active. Purina’s Fresh Pet is so good that the manufacturer chief of Fresh Pet’s production company in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, decided to sample some a slice of the turkey. He said it was every bit as good as the turkey has for Thanksgiving. According to CEO, Richard Thomas, it is his goal to make dog food that tastes every bit as good as human food. These dog food manufacturers are following the lead of Buffalo Blue and Purina dog foods. Mars’ Cesar Home delights just introduced a line of frozen foods in flavors like, Lasagna and Beef Stroganoff. JM Smuckers, that has produced jellies and marmalades for humans, has a dog food company called Milo’s Kitchen. This company has produced beef burger treats and duck jerky for cainine consumption. Creating dog food that tastes and smells like people food is another way to treat your dog like family.

Beneful as a Fail Safe

There is vast difference in the way puppies are fed and adult dogs. Many people treat puppies like small dogs, but they are not. They are just like growing kids, so the type of food is important as well as the amounts. A puppy should eat at least four times a day, and adult dogs should eat a single portion a day relative to their age and activity. Many people break this portion into two feedings, but the amount is important relative to activity much more than size. As a kennel owner, I utilize Purina’s Beneful Healthy Puppy with chicken dry food for my pups after weaning. However, because my adult dogs are very active, I also feed them Beneful, but in larger amounts. I save on food because Beneful is a nutritious brand, and dogs tend to need less of a brand that is aptly providing for them nutritionally. The added bonus is the lack of foreign, grain like materials not conducive to the dog’s health in Beneful brands means more nutrition is packed into less food. Taste matters too because some dogs will not eat foods they cannot identify, but Beneful brands on Petco like Beneful’s Chopped blends with real meat, as well as many other Beneful brands with real meat are readily accepted by even finicky dogs like I am describing. I feed dry food like Beneful Originals with beef at every opportunity because it is simpler for my needs and my dogs. In pups, I utilize this food in order to feed them out of my hand. Feeding this way seems a menial task, but beyond the bonding experience this provides, it also curtails food aggression and possession greatly. At this time in their development, I also do not utilize and open feeding method. I feed at the same time daily, and I only leave food down for a set time. This teaches them that when the food goes down, it is time to eat. I actually only utilize an open feeding method for my pregnant and nursing mothers and any infirmed dogs. For these occasions, I utilize Beneful Originals with real salmon.

New and Exciting Makeup with Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She is a bold person who likes a lot of colors and wants her personality to show through her makeup instead of being covered up by the makeup. She is a strong leader and has brought the company up from nothing into something. She works independently and does so without the need for distributors. She is able to provide her customers with the best of the best in bold makeup and skincare options. This is something that she is passionate about because she enjoys bold makeup herself.

Her makeup company is a result of her wanting a makeup that is good for her skin and provides her with the bold and beautiful look that she loves. Before Lime Crime was on the scene, the only option for bold makeup came from different areas around the world and could possibly have contained lead and other harmful substances. Lime Crime changes that because it provides customers with makeup that is bold, but is also good for their skin. Doe Deere has worked to make this type of makeup a possibility. In the past, it was only a dream that a makeup company would be able to do the bright colors and bold looks that Lime Crime does; now, it is a reality.

There are many different types of makeup that Lime Crime offers. These range from bright blue lipstick to neon orange eye shadow. All of the makeup from Lime Crime can be mixed and matched. The company was created for the sole purpose of allowing customers to pick and choose what they want to wear. There is no makeup on Lime Crime that is made specifically to match anything. The makeup that is offered by the Lime Crime company is all about the personality of the wearer. It does not matter if it appears to clash, if it is something that the wearer enjoys, it matches. Unlike other makeup companies, it is less about the advertisement of the company on the customer’s face and more about the happiness of the customer.

Lime Crime focuses on people who like bold looks and bright colors. They do not sell make up that is made to blend in or have neutral colors. That would defeat the art of doing makeup. Lime Crime customers are able to pick the makeup that comes in colors they like. Wearers are able to be a true advertisement of their own personality when they are using Lime Crime. It is a makeup that is made to be tailored to their own specific preferences and can showcase both style as well as the personality of the person who is wearing the makeup.