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Woke Twitter Speaks out against Racism

People are using Woke Twitter to fight against entrenched concepts such as racism, sexism and gender stereotyping. They are coming together through a movement known as Woke Twitter. This is a conscious movement that is taking place through Twitter and it uses hashtags to unite millions of people everywhere.

In January of 2016 racial slurs were made about black people. Two popular South African personalities were angry about how the Brighton Beach area was left after black South Africans visited the famous beach. Brighton Beach is located within the coastal city of Durban. It is a popular vacation or holiday spot by many people within the nation and from the UK.

Justin van Vuuren and Penny Sparrow made some harsh comments about black people that were not taken lightly by people on Woke Twitter. Van Vuuren and Sparrow both called the black people of South Africa “little monkeys” in their rant about how they did not like black people messing up their public beaches. The reaction from Woke Twitter was fierce and many blacks rose up to put down the discrimination.

Brenda Wardle is a legal analyst from South Africa. She is a growing media personality and she often comments on the language that organizations and institutions use to promote their racial agenda. Wardle states that many South African people (and people from around the world) are offended by the comments that van Vuuren and Sparrow.

She also states that even though the two apologized for their comments; the damage that they done could not be healed. Woke Twitter wants Sparrow and van Vuuren to both be removed from their positions of influence and their jobs. Wardle agrees with this outcome since it is important for public figures to behave in a responsible way. Many of the average citizens in South African agree that something should be done about these two and their comments.

Woke Twitter is on the rise and people everywhere are joining in this movement. There are organizations that are even using Woke Twitter to help further their own activist agenda. Woke Twitter has become a new form of social activism that is going to impact the world.

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Brenda Wardle on the Pistorius Trial

Stephen Murray: How To Choose A Private Equity Investment Firm

Are you thinking about private equity investment? Looking for a good company to advise or guide you? Every day, many individuals, business owners and professionals search the web looking for information on how to invest their money or diversify their assets. There are many ways to go about accomplishing that but one of the most reliable ways is through private equity investment.

If you are in search of a good private equity investment firm, it’s extremely important that you do thorough research and find a reputable company. With so many companies out there rendering investment and financial services, it can be a daunting task to decide which company to go with. If you make the wrong choice, you will definitely end up losing a great deal of money and time. To avoid frustration and hassles, it’s advisable to choose a company which has an established history of achieving great results for clients.

CCMP Capital is a New York-based private equity investment firm, specializing in specializes in buyout and growth equity transactions. Many investors choose CCMP Capital for proper guidance and advice. CCMP Capital is a highly regarded company in the industry and has a team of skilled and dedicated professionals. Their financial and investment services experts are always available and ready to help clients with any issues related to investments or money management.

Although overall awareness of investment options, such as private equity, has improved in recent years, not many people have a clear understanding of its mechanics. This is even more obvious in the case of family-owned businesses and smaller firms. The lack of reliable information, along with the fear or reluctance of relinquishing control, prevent those companies from calling on private equity. But there is nothing to worry about if you choose a reliable investment firm. That is why Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has such a high reputation on crunchbase in the investment field.

Need advice on investment matters? Contact Stephen Murray CCMP Capital for expert assistance. Want to learn how to manage your finances or grow your investment portfolio, check out the services offered by CCMP Capital. The company has been in business for many years and has outstanding performance. Their clients are always raving about the excellent services they have received from this CCMP Capital.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was the former President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. As a private equity investor and philanthropist, Stephen was well known in the investment field. He contributed immensely to the growth and success of CCMP Capital and is widely regarded as one of the most reputable and knowledgeable financial services professionals. His advice and guidance helped propel many of khis clients to success. Stephen Murray passed away on March 12, at age 52.

George Soros’ Nonprofits Gets Banned In Russia

Two non-profit organizations that George Soros has established have been banned outright by the Russian government. In a university in Russia’s northern region of Komi, the Russian government seized 53 books related to a George Soros foundation and burned them. 427 more books have been confiscated by the Russian government and are prepared to be shredded. The Russian government has accused George Soros and his foundations of skewing history, promoting disorder and claimed that his organizations posed a grave security threat to the Russian Federation.

George Soros, who is a former hedge fund manager is considered to be one of the wealthiest people in the world with a net worth estimated to be well over $20 billion dollars. He had two institutions in Russia, The Open Society Foundation and the Open Society Institute. Both of his institutions were banned in Russia for undermining the government and according to them “posing a security risk to the people and state of Russia.” After banning the two non-profits the Russian government went ahead and burned, seized and shredded books from a university library that were part of the Humanitarian Education program there.

Does the Russian government have any merit in their claims that the Open Society Foundation poses a threat to the state and distorts Russian history? Let’s take a look at the Open Society Foundation. Created in 1979, the OSF and OSI were founded to help promote the transition of formerly communist nations into democracy and free markets. They also promote education, health care, free speech and and human rights in dozens of countries around the world now.

The OSF and OSI were involved in educational programs in Russia that promoted human rights, freedom of expression, a free press and healthcare and education within Russia. Such ideas are constantly cracked down upon by the Russian state led by current president Vladimir Putin. Do such ideas actually pose a threat to the security and well being of the Russian people? It is highly unlikely. These ideas do pose a threat to totalitarian regimes that censor the media and use force and even killings to silence the opposition though. This is the real reason why OSF and OSI were banned and later books connected to them or any programs they funded seized and destroyed.

It may be hard to fathom, but Russia is not a free and democratic country that many of us believe to be. There is still oppression there and critics of the government are silenced, jailed, or simply “disappear.”

The Open Society Foundation led by George Soros expressed its disappointment with the Russian government of banning its organizations within the country. The OSF used to be welcome by both the state and people. Now it is considered dangerous and undesirable. The OSF also issued an official statement in response to the ban and accusations made by Russia’s government. They believe that the aspirations of the Russian people for greater democracy, freedom and livelihoods will be heard and cannot be suppressed for long and that their voices will be heard. The OSF also replied that their programs strengthened rule of law and civility within the country and not undermined it.

Igor Cornelsen: Empowering Households through Passive Income

Expertise in any professional field is acquired through years of training, ha work, dedication and practice. Igor Cornelsen on tumblr is regarded as one of the investment advisers in Brazil today. His skills run across all aspects of investments from the stock markets to the household level investments.

Being a man of influence and wit, Igor Cornelsen gives lots of advice on investment matters through his publications and journals. One of his most relevant works talks of the need to invest in residual or passive income. This concept has picked up pace over the last few years and attracted the attention of economists.

One of the distinct characteristics of residue income is the elimination of direct involvement as is the norm in other sectors. Active income sources take up most if not all of a person’s time leading to fatigue. Residue income involves identifying worthy investment avenues and implementing relevant strategies. All it takes from here is some follow up on a regular basis.

Secondly, Igor Cornelsen argues that passive income creates a constant flow of revenue into the coffers of the household. With extra income and thus extra money to spend, one can create adequate time for other activities including time with family and vacation. Again, all one needs to do is audit the performance of existing strategies and adjust.

Another astonishing fact about passive income is the fact that it’s a one-off investment. All that is required is that initial injection into the venture and numerous withdrawals afterwards. Active income demands additional injections must be made to keep the business on the right track towards profitability. Also, running cost can be easily avoided.

Igor Cornelsen remains categorical about the nature of modern economics. Households have to spend more and more resources to meet ever increasing demands. The cost of living also continues to soar up higher every year. The time spent in increasing productivity to make money seems to get less every time. Breadwinners have the option of surrender or adjust to new ways of making money. The element of comfort and convenience also stands out in passive income activities. Here, one can work straight from the comfort of their living room with a little operating budget.

In other news, Mr. Cornelsen’s investment management techniques enjoy the wide application. He has become the go-to guy on all matters of investments in Brazil. The focus on long-run and low-risk investments helps him to navigate the economic uncertainties of today’s world with ease. He can win the trust of high-profile stock market investors and multinationals seeking to enter the Brazilian market. At a time when the world’s eyes are firmly focused on Brazil, Igor Cornelsen sets standards for sustainable business practice.

New Well-Dressed Men Are Effecting Good Change In The Fashion Industry

A wonderful and surprising evolution is taking shape throughout the world of men’s leather shoes fashion. The male portion of humanity is suddenly taking notice of its access to fashion, and loving it. This is an exciting phenomenon for designers, clothing retailers, wholesalers, and of course, men themselves.

A few short years ago, the desire to look trendy and fashionable as a man was still a niche notion. Several economic and business factors however, are now helping make normal guys take notice of where they are lacking in the realm of fashion.

Reasons For The Sudden Shift In Men Now Wanting To Look Their Best

Role Models

Everywhere guys look, well-dressed men appear. This includes TV, movies, the workplace, and in the social arena. Guys are taking notice of the advantages of a knockout wardrobe, and are seeking ways to adopt one

Radical Changes For Mens Clothing Design Companies

Stalwart designers like Armani, along with modern brand superstars like Paul Evans, Ball and Buck, and Indochino recognize the explosion of high fashion desire amongst men of any demographic and location. The online magazine Business Insider notes that the Paul Evans company is taking its line of handcrafted Italian leather shoes to the e-commerce platform in a man-friendly tidal wive. Instead of waiting for a fitting at a brick-and-mortar store, any guy can now have some of the best leather shoes on the planet with a single click on the store’s Webpage.

In an effort to cater to the modern man who is now interested in high fashion, the Paul Evans crew has branched out from its old stuffy New York headquarters, and is seeking the keys to intriguing men from all over the planet. They are taking their cues from Italian craftsman, but molding their popular dress shoe lines to the demands of men who are awakening to their own fashion potentials.

They are toning down the chic, and increasing the universality of their brands. They are recognizing hybridized fashions that combine comfort, trendiness, and every guy’s insatiable inner desire to find quality clothing that fits correctly. Many mens fashion companies with incredible foresight are shifting in ever-so-attractive ways to draw the attention of a world of men seeking help with a new passion for great fashion.

The Internet

The death of exclusive metro-sexuality is due in part to connectivity. With online shopping, not only can every man shop for any item, but he can learn how to dress, accessorize, and mimic the hottest clothing trends on the planet in an instant without being seen as being on the fringe.

The presence of an exciting new type of masculine, modern consumer life is driving clothing companies like Paul Evans and other designers to a streamlined method of production, as well as, creating an overall improved male class.

US Money Reserve President Makes Strong Case Against the American Penny


The penny has certainly seen better days. At least that is according to Philip Diehl, the president of the US Money Reserve. In an interview on CNBC Squakbox, Diehl adimately campaigned for extinction of the penny from United States currency. Thought there are those who disagree with him for various reasons, Philip Diehl seemed confident that removing the penny is the right thing to do when it comes to money minting decisions.

The US Money Reserve president made the point that the penny cost far more to make than it is actually worth once it reaches the public. So, in affect, we are spending more than a penny to simply make a penny. One of the reasons that the penny has become so unprofitable is because it is made up of over 97% zinc. It comes as no surprise that those heavily invested in the zinc market are also heavily invested in opposing and campaigning against the removal of the penny from United States coinage. Diehl, however, insists that the over $100 million dollars that would be saved if the penny was taken out of circulation would be worth it.

Philip Diehl also pointed out that the penny is hardly used in common transactions any more. He bagan the interview by pointing out that most people will not even bother to pick up a penny that they see lying on the ground. He also brriefly argues that given the current economic state of the market place that the penny is no longer useful as contributing currency. Some economists are concerned that the removal of the penny would allow business to round prices up which may then cause an inflation. Diehl stated that he did not believe that there would be enough of a difference made that the market could not balance it. He also pointed out that most financial transactions are done via some sort of electronic method. Only approximately 25% of transactions even involve cash and Diehl, the president of the US Money Reserve, insists that keeping the penny in circulation for 25% of financial transactions is simultaneously worthless and expensive.


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One Retail Executive Is Turning The Pittsburgh Steelers Into Street Wear Fashionistas

Fashion is not just the latest trend in footwear or clothing. True fashion is a state-of-mind. It is where the spirit meets the street so to speak. Everyone has their own fashion sense. Some people follow Italian or French trends while others look to various ethnic groups for clothing ideas. Sports fashion has become big business in the United States and the new strategic planner for the Pittsburgh Steelers is building a complete fashion line around sports and fashion. The new strategic planner in none other than Susan McGalla, the well-known retail executive, fashion expert, and consultant. McGalla has assumed the responsibility of building a head-to-toe fashion line around the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan knows what she is doing. She spent years in the retail business learning the tricks of the trade. Her new position gives her the opportunity to use all her talents. Susan is building an online location for consumers that includes name brand clothing, jewelry, accessories and sporting goods. According to McGalla, the website is a place to wear what the Steelers wear when they are not on the field. Susan McGalla honed her marketing skills while she was President of American Eagle Outfitters. And when she was offered the position of CEO of Wet Seal, she couldn’t resist the chance to get her feet wet in the young women’s fashion market. McGalla is using all her talents to turn the Steelers website into a household shopping destination. There are plenty of choices when it comes to black and gold on the website. A Pittsburgh Steelers fashion website wouldn’t be the same without a healthy representation of clothing and accessories in black and gold. But McGalla is not leaving out other fashion combination. The website has Victoria Secret pink, Tommy Bahama prints and Pandora silver jewelry that can be worn with anything. McGalla likes to say the ireport website is an easy way to shop using any device. All it takes is a click or two to be part of the Steelers fashion trend where the understated Steelers logo can be appreciated and worn with pride. The Steelers and McGalla have another win with the new fashion website. The site is designed for consumers of all ages, and that is certainly Super Bowl Worthy.

Don’t Ya Wanna Be Like Jon?

Kids growing up need a role model like Jon Urbana to inspire them to greater heights. Jon Urbana proves that anyone can achieve, if they simply believe that they are able to achieve. This is one Denver native that has inspired a younger generation to actively follow in his footsteps. The Colorado native first came to fame with his impressive achievements on the lacrosse field during college. Later on, he achieved even more success with his entrepreneurial skills. Jon has also carved a name for himself in photography, music, and Earth Force charity work. Catch him on social media sites like Facebook or follow Jon’s Twitter account.

Jon Urbana Photography
Jon is an athlete with very amazing skills on the lacrosse field. However, there is a very artistic side to the former professional athlete. Jon discovered that he has a natural eye and talent for photography. He likes to capture those magic moments that seem to only happen once in a lifetime or to admire the small things that people overlook. Check out his prized photographs on Instagram.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon Urbana Musical Talent
Certainly, Jon Urbana is a great success in numerous ways. The very talented man has a very good ear for music. Jon likes to spend his free time with guitar in hand and mixing software. He uses those tools to create his own brand of electronic music that is sure to get the party people jumping to their feet in the clubs. Jon has made a significant contribution to the music world and SoundCloud. Listen to some of the music maestro’s latest tracks on SoundCloud

Charity Work
Jon Urbana is also a major believer in supporting charity causes in his Denver community. Jon is a major supporter of Earth Force Inc. Jon has always had a great love for the beautiful outdoor environment in Denver. The teens at his lacrosse camp in Denver helped to inspire him to give his support to Earth Force Inc. Check out his GoFundMe page.

Social Media
Jon Urbana is a man that is definitely making a positive difference in the world. The man is also a role model for today’s youth. Check out his Social Media connections for the latest news.

Helping the 99 Percent

Imagine this scene: A man has worked his whole life building his business, an RV shop with a loyal clientele and an expert at the helm. For 35 years he has saved, and when he is ready to retire, he has $80,000 saved in cash. He asks his son-in-law, who has worked in trading and financial services throughout his career, to invest the money. But the son-in-law is disappointed. He realizes he could grow his father-in-law’s nest egg – his entire life savings – more quickly if only people like his father-in-law had access to the opportunities of accredited investors.

Now, imagine this scenario is real life. For Brad Reifler and his father-in-law, it is a true story and became the instigating factor for Reifler to develop a public fund for people like his father-in-law. Through Reifler’s firm Forefront Capital, this public fund, called Forefront Income Trust. The public fund gives wealth-accruing opportunities to average Americans who save and build but can only get so far on their own – the 99 percent, Reifler says.

On Twitter he’s pointed out that this mission is really a life mission for Reifler, who has spent his entire career in the investment world. Following graduation from Bowdoin College, Reifler took to the entrepreneurship world and started his own company, Reifler trading. It’s also all in the family for Reifler, who is the grandson of the founder of Refco, a firm he eventually went to work for and learned the nuances of trading. Reifler is the former director of several firms and banks, including European Investment Bank, Foresight Research Solutions, Genesis Securities and Pali Capital.

If you are worried about what to do with your hard-earned life savings, then that’s understandable, even though there are tons of investment tip guides out there. It’s difficult to know where to invest your money if you’re not familiar with the stock market and the other options you have before you. Reifler suggests diving in and learning as much as you can. Study the market, read about stocks and investments, and take calculated risks. Investment is all about risk at the end of the day, but remember that some risks are much better than others. That’s where your knowledge and studying really help you out. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are experts in the field who really can help, and your job is to identify the people you can really trust. Do your homework on the people in charge of your funds — or who potentially could be investing for you. You’ll not only have peace of mind, but you’ll have a relationship with someone you can really trust to do the very best he or she can with your investment portfolio over time.

Just remeber, diversification is really important with your portfolio.

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