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RE/MAX Wants to Conquer New York City

The New York real estate market, like any real estate market, will have peaks and valleys. In recent times, the New York City apartments for rent and real estate market has experienced some rapid and exponential growth. Real Estate Weekly has an intriguing article on current events in the market. The events deal with the return of a powerhouse in the industry to the Big Apple.

The article covers the subject of Dave Liniger’s push to engage in massive buys in New York City. Liniger was person behind the huge success of RE/MAX. Recently, RE/MAX re-acquired the Master Franchise in the State of New York. Immediately after procuring the Master Franchise, the company set plans in motion to buy back 16 franchise offices in New York City.

RE/MAX is a massive company. There are well over 100,000 agents who work for RE/MAX in the United States and around the globe. Shockingly, the company’s presence in New York City was never one to see huge growth. Likely, RE/MAX had to face more competition in New York City than it did elsewhere.

33 Irving Place is the home to one of the top New York City-based real estate firms, Town Residential. Town Residential handles rental, buying, and selling duties for scores of clients. An incredible team of skilled professionals has helped Town Residential become the huge success it is.

Reading MyTown Magazine, a publication produced by Town Residential, reveals a lot about the company and the overall real estate market. Even a very brief reading of the publication reveals just how dynamic the overall market is.

RE/MAX wants to finally become a major player in that dynamic market. The company has experienced massive achievements in neighboring New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Whatever hurdles the company faced in New York City before are going to be addressed head on once the firm launches its new campaign. In time, whether or not RE/MAX becomes a “super player” in New York City will be revealed. As long as the company doesn’t take drastic risks, it should do fine.

George Soros Funds Hilary Clinton Campaigns

The United States of America are preparing to go for the upcoming general elections. There is a lot of activities in the political arena, with people from different political parties outdoing each other. Many individuals have also come up to fund their preferred candidates, giving them large sums of money to help them win in the general elections.
The current governor of Ohio State, Mr. John Kasich is still in the Republican race. His party, commonly known as PAC according to Bloomberg News has received a huge amount of donation through New Day for America. This has left a lot of questions among the opposing group, the conservatives.
Two managers from the Soros fund, one known as Scott Bessent and the other Stanley Druckenmiller, gave an amount of $488,375. This amount was donated through an initiative from the governor known as soft fund money. This report has been given from a reliable source, the Federal Election Commission, commonly known as FEC.

Forbes billionaire George Soros has been active in the upcoming general elections, and he is one of the biggest donors in the elections. He has been giving large sums of money to the individuals of his choice. He has also funded organizations that have been far left in the political activities. Some of these organizations include, ACORN among many others. He has been concentrating on the congregational Democrats, but he shocked many people when he gave eight million dollars to PAC, supporting Hilary Clinton in the upcoming general elections to become the nest president of the United States.

Not long ago, George Soros was quoted talking about his expanded efforts to reject the ongoing border security. According to him, the country must reaffirm its commitments to an open society and at the same time reject what some of the politicians like Donald Trump are advocating. George Soros believes that the right people who can bring an end to this are Hilary Clinton, and that’s why he has been supporting her.

George Soros is a billionaire and philanthropist who was born in Hungary. He fled from that country and settled in London. In this new country, he went to school, graduating from some of the most prestigious universities. He also relocated from London and chose to settle in America.

In the United States of America, George Soros has managed to get a lot of wealth, and he has one of the richest people in the world. He is mostly focused on hedge fund management, and this is where he has acquired most of the wealth he has today. George Soros is also an advocate of an open society, and most of the people he funds in politics also have this idea. George Soros is the founder of Open Society, an international charitable organization that has helped many people all over the world. The organization has helped many people all over the world.

Due to the amount of money and independence enjoyed by the billionaire, his opinions in critical issues in the society such as politics, economics, and social lives are highly respected.

A Quick Review of The Top White Shark Media Complaints


If you run a digital marketing company this article is for you. Especially if you are in the beginning stages and are just getting things off the ground.

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that has been around for over 5 years. During that time they have received a bevy of complaints from both old and new clients.

To help other digital marketing agencies learn from their mistakes, they put together a list of their top complaints and how they dealt with them.

Read over these White Shark Media complaints and use them to help take your digital marketing agency to the next level.

Top Complaint #1 – Poor Communication

No agency can be successful if they don’t know how to effectively communicate with their clients. In the beginning White Shark Media dropped the ball in this area and their business suffered as a result.

To turn things around, White Shark Media implemented the following new strategy:

New Phone System With Direct Extensions

Previously clients were required to call a receptionist to get in contact with their strategist.

Needless to say, this caused a great deal of frustration. To better serve their clients, White Shark Media installed new phone systems with direct extensions.

Anytime a new client would sign up they would receive an email containing contact information for their strategist. They would now be able to contact them directly with any questions or concerns they may have.

Top Complaint #2 – Unable To Track Customers Coming Through The Phone

White Shark Media works with a lot of local businesses. And while these businesses were getting traffic to their websites, many of their inquires were coming via phone.

Without the right tracking systems in place clients weren’t sure if their campaigns were a success.

To eliminate this problem White Shark Media teamed up with Marchex to provide call tracking to all of their clients. It is now mandatory for all local business clients and is included in AdWords Management plans at no additional charge.

Top Complaint #3 – Having The Wrong Contact Person

After signing up clients would often end up with a contact person who didn’t understand their needs.

To help make the transition process easier on the client, White Shark Media assigns one Senior SEM consultant to follow each client complaints’ through the entire process.

They are always there to help the client and they will remain with the client for as long as the client remains with the company.

Beauty and Fashion Fun With Doe Deere

Doe Deere, owner and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics has a list of crimes that she likes to commit. That is, of course, fashion crimes. Her line of Lime Crime cosmetics testifies to that fact she loves bright and bold cosmetics and fashion. Recently, in an interview Marlen Komar, Deere unleashed seven fashion crimes that she enjoys breaking. She feels that no one should be trapped by fashion rules. The first fashion law that she enjoys breaking is: Don’t wear a bold eye with a bold lip. She states that she likes breaking this one daily. Second: Don’t mix too many colors. Deere thinks you should trust your instincts and have fun with color. Third: Don’t Mix Too Many Patterns. Like colors, Deere thinks that patterns are meant to be fun. Fourth: Don’t wear socks with open-toed shoes or heals. Fifth: You can only wear black or neutrals if you have unnaturally colored hair. More than likely if you have unnaturally colored hair you are a person who loves color. Don’t limit the color you wear because of your hair color. Sixth: You have to dress your age. Don’t let age slow you down from enjoying bright colors and youthful fashions. Seventh: You have to stick with occasion specific dressing. Don’t let a special dress or outfit hang in your closet unused when you can pull it out and wear it on a perfectly normal day to make you feel special.

When looking at a picture of Doe Deere, you might be fooled into thinking she is just a girl that loves wild, bright colors and very non-traditional fashion; however, if you look deeper you will be amazed. Deere is actually a very smart business woman who is not afraid to take a chance on colors and fashion that she knows makes people feel good. She began her business as an eBay company in 2004. Without a lot of thought of what it might become, she simply named her eBay company Lime Crime. Today, that name is synonymous with bright colors and not being afraid to be yourself in whatever color that may be for you. In 2008, Deere developed and launched her line of colorful cosmetics that has been a success in making women feel great as beautiful individuals.

Doe Deere was born in Russia and raised in New York City. She started out small, but has achieved much success with her Lime crime cosmetics. She has grown her business and brand to a successful business. Deere was named one of the Top Inspiring Female entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. Her typical day is very serious, meeting separately with her Creative Director, President and VP, and her COO to discuss trends and the business in order to keep everyone informed and on the same page. She also spends part of her day developing new product in the lab with a chemist. All the while, she is sporting lively cosmetic colors and bold fashions.

Global Financial Crisis Looms, Claims George Soros

At a time when many would expect hedge fund legend George Soros to be concentrating on the 2016 U.S. Presidential election the well known liberal has taken the time to give his view on the state of the global economy. In an interview at an economic forum in Sri Lanka reported by Bloomberg the former refugee revealed his personal fear that the world is heading for a repeat of the global economic meltdown of 2008. George Soros explained the rationale behind his fears, before going on to warn investors of his belief this is a bad time to invest in the financial markets.
George Soros has seen his own thoughts on Bloomberg over the state of global politics and the economy revealed at a time when his own charitable group, the Open Society Foundations has been barred from working in Russia. Problems in China are driving economic issues around the world, but the Russian problem is one causing great concern for Soros, according to CNBC. Soros has been outspoken in his belief the Russian government headed by Vladimir Putin is attempting to drive the mass migration of refugees into Europe through continued bombing of civilian targets in Syria; this belief is coupled with the idea that Russia can only avoid its own economic meltdown by forcing the collapse of the European Union.

The political and economic situation in Europe is something that worries George Soros, but the major problems facing the global economy stem from China. Chinese officials have recently been battling to keep interest rates low as they attempt to deflect any issues seen within their economy as a potential sign of weakness. The financial expert credited with causing the devaluation of the British Pound in 1992 reveals he believes the problems in the Chinese economy come from a shift to a consumption and service based economy; George Soros explains Chinese officials have never faced an economy like the one they are now controlling, which has forced them to seek new ways of maintaining their position as the dominant economy in the world.

European Union on the Verge of Collapse Warns Soros

George Soros, a financial billionaire, has warned that the European Union is on the verge of collapse! George claims that the European Union is in the danger of worsening the migrant crisis further up the hills on how the EU management is handling the issue. It is claimed that over a million refugees and migrants have arrived in the region in 2015 alone.

Soros also revealed on Bloomberg TV that the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel was the key to solving the migrant crisis during an interview with the New York Review of Books. According to Soros, Angel spearheaded Europe’s responsible for the crisis when it opened Germany to the refugees who had travelled from the Middle East and Syria in particular as they were in search of a new home in Europe. The decision by Angel marked the onset of achange in sea policy.
“There are lots of things to be nervous about,” Soros said when predicting the European Union was on the verge of collapse. The European authorities were taught by the Greek crisis the art of muddling through one crisis to the next. Such a scenario is usually known as ‘kicking the can down the road’ although some people often describe it as kicking the ball uphill as it keeps rolling back.
“Angel is said to have foreseen migration crisis which would destroy the European Union. Actually, what was initially a prediction has developed to become a reality. It is now a fact and can’t be reversed. It is only the German people who can stop the dire prediction of Merkel from coming into a reality. It is up to the German to decide. Will they accept both the responsibilities and the liabilities involved in becoming the dominant power in Europe? “” said Soros.
George Soros is the founder and the chair of the Open Society Foundations and the Soros Fund Management. He was born in 1930 in Budapest. He fed the communist-dominated Hungary in 1947 for England after surviving the Nazi occupation during the Second World War. He graduated from the London School of Economics. He later settled in the United States where he collected a large fortune using the international investment fund which he had founded and managed.
As a philanthropist since 1979, George has managed to remain active. It is during this time that he started providing funds to assist the students to join the Cape Town University during the apartheid in South Africa. Today, the Open Society Foundation operates in more than countries and has spent a total of $835 since 2011. Soros has also written a dozen of books such as the Tragedy of the European Union.

A Review of Popular Television Series Queens of Drama

At the end of a lengthy day at work or school, we all need to relax as we catch up on our favorite movies. Watching Queens of Drama will certainly help one unwind after the rigors of a stressful day. This reality show tracks the lives of former A-list actresses as they embark on a mission to work together in a film production company to shoot their own TV series with concrete roles for women.

The actresses featuring in the series are Lindsay Hartley, Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo and Donna Mills. It had one season with ten episodes. Marcil is best known for her role in “Vegas”. Tylo was a lead actress in “The Bold and the Beautiful”. Hunt had a role in “Guiding Light” while Hartley performed in “Passions”.

The five women seem to always differ on everything. This is partly due to their egos, all of them having starred in past films. Hartley and Hunt for example have a tension filled relationship seen when Hunt jokes about Hartley’s age. This causes a catfight between the two.

The services of Donna Mills are enlisted so that she helps in the development of the project. She instantly gets into loggerheads with the women when she makes crucial decisions without consulting them. They consequently throw her out and replace her with Joan Collins.

Pharris is depicted as the voice of reason because she is the one who relentlessly arbitrates whenever Hunt and Hartley relieve their vendettas on each other. Everyone seems to put their personal goals above the interest of the group. However, in the end they attain their goal and produce the show. The series is drama-filled and will certainly keep viewers glued to the screen.

In the film, Hunt diligently plays her role and manages to steal the limelight from the rest. Her failure to agree with Hartley particularly portrays her strong stand on issues and her inability to get swayed. She makes no apologies for doing what she believes is right and this is what makes her stand out from the rest. In the end she comes out as the star of the show.

Metacritic notes that Hunt was born on 5th February 1985 in Clearwater Florida. Her talents on the stage were noticed early and consequently her parents allowed her to take part in pageants. She was spotted by many production houses, which featured her in many advertisements such as Walt Disney’s quarter century anniversary. Her fame grew when she played Lizzie Spaudling, a troubled daughter of Beth and Philip Raines in “Guiding Light” which earned her a Daytime Emmy Nomination. Hunt has also starred in other films such as the Derby Stallion, Sydney White and One Life to Live.

Besides acting, Hunt has tried her hand at film production and together with her close friend and acting colleague Dania Ramirez, she created her first film, “Talbot County”. She also owned a fashionable boutique in her hometown Clearwater at some point.  For her acting work Crystal Hunt has a video on YouTube to highlight her talents.

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