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Breaking the Rules to Achieve True Self Expression

Staying current with all of the new fashion trends is difficult, particularly when there are so many different rules to follow. However, things may be a little easier than they seem according to Doe Deere. As seen on, we can learn from Doe that there are a lot of rules that are meant to be broken. The results are phenomenal.


One interesting rule breaking opportunity that we learn from Doe Deere is that it’s okay to mix colors. Many fashionistas will argue that mixing too many colors creates a very busy look. While it’s certainly possible to have way too many colors in one setting, when done right, a high amount of blending colors can look great. Doe says that the trick to pulling off this kind of look is making sure that you have color coordination. Colors that don’t go well together on paper may go well in an outfit, so it’s important to experiment with different colors.


Similar to the color rule, there’s another common thought that you shouldn’t mix too many different patterns. Some people say that when you mix too many patterns you are creating an uncoordinated, messy look. Deere teaches her followers that there’s plenty of options when it comes to mixing patterns. She says that there’s really no wrong way of going about mixing patterns, but that patterns can really accentuate an outfit. One of the tricks to make the differing patterns work well for an outfit is to make sure that there’s a common theme. Color’s work well to serve as an anchor for all of the mixing patterns.


Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, aims to help individuals to express themselves through their own personal style. She’s a big fan of breaking typical fashion rules to show that creativity can go a long way in fashion. She believes that beauty isn’t just what other people think looks good, but rather what the individual feels at any given moment.


To help her followers discover their own individual style, Doe has founded Lime Crime Cosmetics. Her line of cosmetics feature an intense, vibrant, and bold array of colors and possibilities. She has an international following and loves to help her fans discover their true fashion sense. Her eye shadow, nail polishes, lipsticks and more are specifically crafted so that people everywhere can show their unique individuality.

White Shark Media: How To Handle Complaints In Your Business

Although no company likes receiving a complaint, customers’ complaints provide you with an opportunity to recognize and resolve specific issues with your current product or systems. They can also help in developing relationship with customers by allowing you to show that you value their business by paying attention to their concerns and addressing the matter appropriately.

White Shark Media has developed a strategic plan to handle customer complaints, and it works effectively in rectifying issues. White Shark Media has a clear, flexible and open policy on customer complaints. The company realizes that a complaint presents a great opportunity for a company to improve their organization.

The professionals at White Shark Review consider it beneficial that a customer or client is willing to give up valuable time to point out what they are not happy with, and why. They have trained their staff and management in complaints handling.

White Shark Media gives complaining top priority and takes appropriate steps to ensure prompt resolution and complete customer satisfaction. Their staff on is aware that complaints are a high priority item for their operation, and when they deal with them they strive to resolve them completely and promptly.

Nowadays customers can complain by mail or by phone, in person or email, and the staff at White Shark Complaints is always available and ready to handle all of these immediately and efficiently.

Most businesses have a process to log and assess all complaints and share the information with everyone in the organization. White Shark Media has a system in place for this purpose and it works flawlessly to ensure smooth operation and efficiency. They want to ensure that every member of their organization has the resources and system to learn about problems.

White Shark Media is a well established company with a great reputation in the industry and among customers. As a highly regarded AdWords agency, White Shark Media provides services to numerous clients in the industry. Their clients come from all walks of life, and include institutions, companies, corporations and individuals. Beginning online marketers and entrepreneurs have also relied on White Shark Media for expert guidance and advice on their quest for success.

White Shark Media has highly qualified and dedicated advertising and marketing professionals and the company is fully equipped to deal with any type of online promotion and marketing. White Shark Media has developed strategies to guide clients in achieving a better performing campaign and the level of success they desire.

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Water Shortage Worsens in Venzuela

According to the, the lack of water is becoming an increasing problem in Venezuela. Much of the electricity in the country is produced by hydroelectric dams so people are also suffering with increased electrical blackouts. The situation may only worsen if Venezuela does not get rain soon. Electrical officials including David Osio say they may have to limit electricity to less than eight hours a day in the country where over 65 percent of the electricity comes from a power plant where the water is just two feet above the stage where it will need to be shut down permanently.

As people have electricity for fewer hours, other problems are exasperated. Factories are having to send people home. Therefore, workers are getting fewer hours and less pay. The amount of muggings occurring is rising as the country’s street lights cannot be operated. Medical facilities that are already understaffed and have very little medicine often cannot perform even the most basic level of care.

The popular tourist destination of Margarita Island is only getting water once every 21 days after the reservoir servicing the area dried totally up. Therefore, many hotels are hiring drivers to deliver water to their facilities. Residents around the hotels have become so desperate that they have hijacked these trucks demanding that drivers give them the water.


Skout’s Studies Show Power Of Laughter

Everybody loves to laugh and so much so that April is considered National Humor Month. It has been proven in numerous studies that not only does laughter lift our spirits it can have wonderful effects on us physically. Laughing is beneficial to heart health and can even give our muscles a good workout.

Skout is a social media app that allows you to make new friends by alerting you of people nearby that are also using the app. The company is celebrating National Humor Month by looking over some of their users profile pictures. The study found that users who had used a profile picture of themselves laughing received 404% more profile favorites and had 324% more connections than other users. Scott Wiklund, co-founder and CEO of Skout, stated “They say laughter is the best medicine, and now we know it can also help you meet more friends through social media.”
In addition to looking over users profile pictures, Skout also conducted a survey to see how users feel about humor and friendship.

Results from the survey were extremely interesting. People from all over are fairly confident and results came in at 75% of users thinking they are funny. Almost 100% of users said that their favorite style of humor is slapstick and that they most enjoy making other people laugh. It turns out that clowns are not as funny as they seem, 30% of Skout users said that they are actually afraid of clowns and don’t find them hilarious.

In the Lone Star State, Houstonians polled at 100% saying that they enjoy making other people laugh so when in Texas one will always have a good time. New York and San Francisco tied with 83% and are the most confident of users when it comes to thinking they are your every day comedian.

Another surprising result of the survey was that women enjoy comedy films. Only 18% of women users answered the survey saying they enjoy romantic movies while 26% said they would prefer to watch a comedy. Action movies won the poll for men’s favorite type of movie but comedy still came in second.

Skout conducted this survey during March 11th to March 17th and more detailed results can be read on their blog. National Humor Month is not over yet so get out there and start laughing!

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Popular YouTubers Are Earning Success And Making Money

YouTube is a popular social media site that receives millions of hits every day. The site is home to a large number of people that are just as popular as celebrities in the real world. Surprisingly, a lot of those that have earned major success on the site are also making money. Many of the top earners on the site are making thousands to millions per year. The top channels like Wengie, generally have one dedicated person running the whole show. They are the creator, producer, director, and actor. The channels are a one person package. How did they achieve their success. Well, they achieved such popularity on their channels by following a few basic rules.


Basic Rules

Achieving success on YouTube requires that people follow general success rules. One of the top rules is easy to follow for most people. It involves simply being yourself. Don’t try to copy another famous YouTuber. Often, someone with a strikingly original personality hits a positive note with people and creates an instant following. It happens all the time. Often, the channel topic is on something that seems very silly. Like a guy playing video games or telling really lame jokes. Another rule is to be consistent. Upload videos on a regular basis. The popular YouTubers upload a new video weekly. Some upload several times per week. In addition, make sure that the videos are high quality like the ones feature on Wengie’s channel.


About Wengie

Wengie is a very popular YouTuber that is based in Australia. The Australian beauty has a very unique voice and offers original videos on beauty, hair, fashion, and more for her millions of YouTube followers. Wendy Huang is the name of the young woman that created the Wengie channel.
Wengie started the channel several years ago. Her focus was on sharing her love for skin care, hair care, makeup, and beauty with the world. She shares that it was difficult finding beauty tips for girls like her, when she was younger. Today, she likes to focus on Asian inspired beauty products and tips that are especially directed to girls that look like her.