Breaking the Rules to Achieve True Self Expression

Staying current with all of the new fashion trends is difficult, particularly when there are so many different rules to follow. However, things may be a little easier than they seem according to Doe Deere. As seen on, we can learn from Doe that there are a lot of rules that are meant to be broken. The results are phenomenal.


One interesting rule breaking opportunity that we learn from Doe Deere is that it’s okay to mix colors. Many fashionistas will argue that mixing too many colors creates a very busy look. While it’s certainly possible to have way too many colors in one setting, when done right, a high amount of blending colors can look great. Doe says that the trick to pulling off this kind of look is making sure that you have color coordination. Colors that don’t go well together on paper may go well in an outfit, so it’s important to experiment with different colors.


Similar to the color rule, there’s another common thought that you shouldn’t mix too many different patterns. Some people say that when you mix too many patterns you are creating an uncoordinated, messy look. Deere teaches her followers that there’s plenty of options when it comes to mixing patterns. She says that there’s really no wrong way of going about mixing patterns, but that patterns can really accentuate an outfit. One of the tricks to make the differing patterns work well for an outfit is to make sure that there’s a common theme. Color’s work well to serve as an anchor for all of the mixing patterns.


Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, aims to help individuals to express themselves through their own personal style. She’s a big fan of breaking typical fashion rules to show that creativity can go a long way in fashion. She believes that beauty isn’t just what other people think looks good, but rather what the individual feels at any given moment.


To help her followers discover their own individual style, Doe has founded Lime Crime Cosmetics. Her line of cosmetics feature an intense, vibrant, and bold array of colors and possibilities. She has an international following and loves to help her fans discover their true fashion sense. Her eye shadow, nail polishes, lipsticks and more are specifically crafted so that people everywhere can show their unique individuality.