The Benefit of Hiring Wikipedia Writers from Get Your Wiki


Wikipedia is a source that individuals use often in order find credible and fast information. Though Wikipedia has hit a few bumps in the past, this site is now looking for more writers who can add information as well as their own spin to the information given through this site. Though Wikipedia is commonly known for its unique access it gives anyone to edit a Wikipedia page, it is not surprising to hear that only a fraction of the added information is ever fake or ever put down for the purpose of being a joke. Wikipedia is becoming a credible source for the public to now use.

In recent news, one Irish football team has become the brunt of a joke as their fans have decided to edit this team’s information page to provide new and funny history of the players. One example is of the Irish player, Robert Brady who has now been dubbed to be ‘Robert the Messiah Brady’ or even ‘Robert Jesus Christ Brady’. This change was meant to be a compliment as he lead his team to a victory at the Euro 2016 football tournament against Italy. All of the names that Robert Brady has been given are specifically sayings from fans of his during this tense and victorious game. 

Robert Brady’s new nickname on Wikipedia is one of the few times that individuals now decide to play with his page and make Wikipedia updates with false names. Brady deserved this compliment especially due to the fact that in the 85th minute of the game, he finally scored which gave the Irish team the definite win. With a place in the final 16 of the competition, Ireland will now continue to praise as well as worship Robert Brady. Some of the Wiki edits that were also made for Robert Brady include the statement that he “is recognized by god”. On Tuesday night, this page was edited over 100 times.

Wikipedia is a site that is beneficial to all of those in the public eye as well as beneficial to attract tourists to different destinations. As Wikipedia attracts professional writers and even non-professional writers, Wikipedia continues to grow in popularity. For businesses looking to grow, hiring a Wikipedia writer is often the wisest path to follow. Not only do these authors understand what attracts the most attention to the page, but they also know how to get individuals to visit the actual business website.