Malini Saba: Charity Without Limits

 Malini Saba is a woman who passion and dedication to philanthropy are beyond reproach. When she visited tsunami victims in India in 2005, she could not help but shed tears of pain. Perhaps her passion is not only guided by her maternal instincts but also guided by her elaborate background in adversity. She endured a torrid arranged marriage when she was just 19. She had not enjoyed any privileges by the time she was getting married. This humble background made her a passionate giver. In a situation he could not help, she joined the women and children affected by grief.


While she has a strong foundation in giving and empathy, she is also a distinguished silicon investor. She saw gems in PayPal, Sycamore Networks and others ventures potential before anyone else did. She saw the future of the startups and invested when it mattered. Her success was significant. However, she did not start there. She has an illustrious career in business and entrepreneurship.


She took part in Stanford University open education policy to study business and entrepreneurship. This is when she was still a newlywed and living with her husband on the University campus. She was able to empower herself to an extent when she was able to support her family and support some of her charity work. She elevated herself from deplorable university cubicles to a decent lifestyle through hard work, passion, and shrewd operations.


Her passion for education was not cut by her new role as a wife and had to continue dreaming. Today, she holds a Master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology from the University of Western Australia. Her investments go beyond the US and her native South Asia. She has interests in oil and gas and chairs Saban Group of Industries.


Malini Saba was born in Malaysia to Sri Lankan parents who later relocated to Australia when Malini was still a child. She had endured a loving but a poor financial background. But today, Malini is taking significant joy in allowing vulnerable children and women in adversity to enjoy a fair share of her personal success. She gives relentlessly. She has donated over $10million to worthy causes in Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Her first significant donation went to El Camino Hospital for Heart Research Center.


Her foundation, Stree: Global Investments in Women, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower women and children. The focus is on women in the low-income bracket, those a risk of societal dangers like arranged marriages and vulnerable children. She is truly an outstanding woman.


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