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Choosing an Event Planner Steps

Hosting a formal event can be a great way to celebrate a special occasion or bring people together for personal or professional’s reasons. When looking to plan an event, the process of finding a venue, planning the schedule, and negotiating with vendors can seem like a tough challenge. Fortunately, those that hire an event planner will find that much of the time and stress that goes into planning a party will be eliminated. When looking to hire an event planner, there are several steps that should be followed.

The first step is to determine the purpose of the event and the reason why you want to hire an event planner. Knowing the clear purpose will help the event planner to get a better understanding of your expectations and hopes for the event. And knowing why you want to hire an event planner will help the event planner to understand which tasks you need help with the most.

The next step is to develop a budget, which should then be shared with the event planner. Regardless of what the event is, you will undoubtedly want to be able to cap the amount of money that his spent. When going through a budget is sure to carefully estimate how much you want to spend and where you want to spend it. This will ensure that the event planner will understand which vendors and expenses to pursue.

The final step is to choose the event planner. It would be a good idea to choose an event planner that is experienced in hosting the type of party that you want and has experience working in your city.

When looking for New York event planners, a great option to choose is Twenty Three Layers. Twenty-Three Layers is one of the premier event planning companies in NYC and has the experience and connections to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch and is completed within the original budget. The company has organized events for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from small parties to large corporate events. They also have connections with vendors and at venues all over the city, which helps to ensure you will be able to save money.

Dick DeVos Business and Philanthropy

Dick DeVos is a Michigan based entrepreneur. He has spent days of his career serving different positions in different companies. Some of these companies include his father owned Amway; he served here as a President from the year 1993 to the year 2002, NBA Orlando Magic and The Windquest where he serves as the president of the company. Apart from business, Dick has also been in Philanthropy activities. DeVos also had an interest in politics; he vied for Michigan governor though he did not win.


DeVos has been as successful businessman throughout his career. For the period he served as thepresidentof the Amway International, he controlled all the company’s’ activities in over 50 countries across the globe. In his final year, he reported $4.5 billion in sales; this was the biggest sale the company ever made in a single year. In fact, DeVos tripled the company’s sales internationally where they got higher than the domestic sales. Before becoming the president of Amway International, DeVos served as the vice president of the company and the president of the family owned NBA team Orlando Magic.


Dick DeVostogether with wife Betsy DeVos has been involved in various charity projects. The couple founded Dick and Betsy Family Foundation an organization that aims to improve education and support communities. DeVos also started Education Freedom Fund, which was aimed to provide a scholarship for the underprivileged students in Michigan. So far, the foundation has been able to provide scholarships for over 4000 students in the region. Most of these students were enrolled in the West Michigan Aviation Academy a high school that concentrates on offering aviation course to the students.


According to Mrs. DeVos, their organization has been able to fund over 250,000 students in 17 states. Comparing the number with that of the students that benefited from the charity project in 2013, there was an increase in 30,000. Dick and Betsy’s Foundation was founded in 1989, and it has been able to provide a scholarship to thousands of students in Michigan and other states. The foundation has been a success according to the organization’s mission.


Dick and His Wife Betsy both have a keen interest in funding education programs and projects. This is a major reason top why their organizations are more based on education. They both believe that with education the community is strong. Education helps one to be self-reliable, and this is the one best form of charity you can ever participate in.


Hillary Clinton Gets Boost from George Soros

George Soros has been a well known investor for the democratic party throughout the last few decades and he is making perhaps his biggest market on the current election. His donations to the current election have totaled around twenty five million dollars thus far, as he hopes that his monetary donations will help to elect the democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. Despite the fact that George Soros has invested a great deal of money thus far in the election, he can easily afford to drop a great deal of money in this respect, as he has bankrolled a massive fortune over his career. Soros has made investments on this level in elections in the past, as he paid quite a bit of money to try to prevent George W. Bush from getting back into office in 2004, although the Republican party did manage to get back into office.

When it comes to the investments that Soros is making, there are a few key areas that he is putting his money towards. Both of these endeavors include diminishing the amount of voters that cast their vote on the Republican side of things, while increasing the amount of votes that are cast for Hillary Clinton. On one hand, he is focused on increasing the amount of votes in the Hispanic community, while also fighting to try to allow illegal immigrants the right to vote. The issue on whether illegal immigrants should be able to vote has been highly debated and at the current moment, those people that are not legal citizens of this country do not have the ability to vote. George Soros has been investing quite a bit of money to get this group of people to be able to vote, simply based on the fact that they are probably going to vote for Hillary Clinton. Based on the rhetoric that has come from Donald Trump and the Republican party, as he has stated that he would like to deport quite a few illegal immigrants, illegal immigrants are heavily invested in getting Hillary Clinton elected.

Stacking up the votes for the democratic side is what George Soros is donating his money for, although swaying the election in any way possible towards Hillary Clinton is beneficial in the eyes of George Soros. Soros is a business man that has made quite a bit of money, both in America and in Europe and is heavily invested in politics in the United States. It goes without saying that he has been one of the biggest contributors, in terms of monetary investment, in this current election cycle. In the past, the donations that have come directly out of his pocket have made an impact on the election process and it appears that things are going to play out similarly in this election on Although he has already shelled out over twenty five million dollars in this election, banking on Hillary Clinton getting elected, it won’t be determined whether or not his investments will have paid off until November 8th.

A Dedicated Businessman and Philanthropist, Andy Wirth Leads Squaw Valley Ski Resort

The 1964 Winter Olympics were held in Lake Tahoe CA, and the Cushing family has owned and managed the Squaw Valley Stadium and Resort for over 60 years. It wasn’t until 2010 that they relinquished their ownership, and entrepreneur Andy Wirth was made CEO and president of Squaw Valley Holdings. Mr. Wirth is an experienced and professional business entrepreneur, and he was an excellent choice to succeed the Cushings.

Wirth was a phenomenal fit for the position, which at the time consisted only of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, but that didn’t last for long. Mr. Wirth has incredible business skills and talents, which he put to use as soon as he arrived at Squaw Valley.

The first thing he did as CEO was to use $6 million for the renovation of the resort. This included lifts, resort rooms, and the stadium, and by doing this he was inviting more tourists to visit Squaw Valley.

Wirth began his career over 25 years ago with Steamboat Springs Ski Resort in Colorado. After graduating from Colorado State University, he began as marketing manager and worked every position in the resort. He finished as CMO and president of Intrawest, which was the company that bought Steamboat Springs. Mr. Wirth is a loyal, honest businessman, which is difficult to find in this age.

In 2015, Wirth was elected chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority. It was only logical since he donated so much of his time in creating improvements for North Lake Tahoe. He was involved in the Clean Air Project, and he represented Squaw Valley in the incorporation vote. Andy fell in love with the mountains and the people and is dedicated to making this community home for all the residents.

In 2013, he was involved in a horrific skydiving accident, and his arm was torn from the socket when he landed on a wooden pole. Miraculously, the surgeons were able to reattach his arm, and in the 10 months of recovery, he began the first Ironman Competition In Lake Tahoe and participated in it. Andy Wirth is a dedicated entrepreneur and philanthropist and an asset to Squaw Valley.

Investments with the Help of Equities First

Investments have recently taken a turn in the past several years because of the fact that people are looking for non purpose Capital that they can trust and know that they are able to fall back on in times when money may be rough. In fact, our recent Global lender known as Equities First talked about the rise in people who are putting their money into stock and seeing potential growth out of this option. The fact that more people are putting their money into stocks and bonds and seeing potential Capital Growth from this is allowing people to know that they are making good decisions when looking into this for themselves and their businesses.

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