Choose A Great Service, And Make The Switch To FreedomPop

It may take some time to read through a review of FreedomPop, especially if it’s one that is resent and includes information that details a lot of their services. FreedomPop is always trying to add more services to their company because it helps to bring in more customers and makes a current customers happy as well. Many were excited when FreedomPop brought in the Wi-Fi service for only five dollars per month, and it’s gotten even better now because of the fact that cell phone users can truly benefit from the service as well. The Wi-Fi service is not only for surfing the web anymore.


Those who pay the five dollar monthly fee to obtain the unlimited Wi-Fi service can now connect their cell phone to the service to allow them to make all their phone calls over Wi-Fi. Sending text messages and surfing the Internet is available through the Wi-Fi service, and this is a type of paid phone plan that FreedomPop has been offering. No other cell phone carrier out there will allow any user to solely use their Wi-Fi for their cell phone service, especially at the low cost of five dollars each month, so FreedomPop has beaten other companies, hands-down.


Even if a FreedomPop customer is choosing to get the free plan, they still receive the standard 200 minutes of talk time with unlimited text messages, and they’ll also get 500 MB of data. FreedomPop has also created a plan that only cost $10.99 and has the unlimited talk and text that many people need, even though the data on the plan is still limited to 500 MB. Gaining extra data is easy at FreedomPop because they’ve created several opportunities that allows their customers to earn data, which is done by filling out surveys, offers, and even inviting friends to join FreedomPop.


Anyone who’s able to bring a friend or family member or several of them over to FreedomPop can expect to earn free data on a monthly basis, which means the more FreedomPop friends they have, the more data they’ll get. Also, anyone can use Wi-Fi to access the Internet, which saves on their data usage, especially if the person is constantly sending text messages. FreedomPop offers great services, which gives many people a low-priced alternative to other companies. Anyone who is suffering with their cell phone service provider should seriously look into becoming a FreedomPop customer.

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