Wengie Draw My Life Video

One of the top requested videos on Wengies YouTube channel is her draw my life video. In this video she explains her life leading up to her fame and fortune on YouTube by drawing about her life on a white earser board. It is a very popular series and some of the most viewed videos on YouTube.


Wengie uses the board to tell her life story including her social awkwardness as well as her career struggles. Her story begins in China where she lived until she was 4 years old. When Wengie was four she moved to Australia to live with her mom and dad. After spending a few year in Melbourne, Australia she then moved to Sydney, Australia where she attended school and found a love of music.


Wengie did well in school although she did struggle to make friends and be social with kids her age. Once she entered high school things changed and Wengie went to be social and engagings with her peers.


During high school Wengie became a big sister to a brother named Jim. Due to her families finances as well as her families desire for her to succeed Wengie went for a career in the accounting field. Although she had a decent job that she could have prospered at her heart just was not in it. Wengie then went on to become a social media consultant and soon after found her love of creating unique YouTube videos.


Throughout the video Wengie gives her 5 million subscribers a glimpse into her childhood. It is fun to see just how far she has come with hard work and creativity. Thanks to her unique personality and fun videos she has millions and millions of views on her videos and is one of the top YouTube creators in Australia.


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