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Julie Zuckerberg Top Talent Attracting The Same

Julie Zuckerberg is a highly regarded executive recruiter known throughout the New York city business sector. One of the key functions of the executive recruiter is to have a positive effect on business growth. Julie Zuckerberg is noted to have achieved this in the key positions she has held.


Zuckerberg earned her undergraduate bachelors Degree from Citi University in New York majoring in Philosophy. Afterward, she went on to law school  in  New York graduating Juris Doctor. Her recruiting experience began in 2002 with Hudson, as she served in candidate placement. At this level she gained practical day-to-day experience in screening candidates for their skills and abilities, assess strengths they bring to a position, and could further coach those selected to enhance their job readiness for day one and beyond. Hudson provided attorneys, paralegals and support staff for firms who contracted with them for those services. Zuckerberg was with this company until 2007. Then, she assumed a position with Citi Global. Her main capacity was to monitor the recruitment process from start to completion. Furthermore, she would make recommendations to management on how the process may better be utilized so to attract talent and screen candidates. As a highly regarded recruiter, Zuckerberg is aware of trends within recruiting; she also has a sense for management styles as well as labor relations.


Since 2013, Zuckerberg has been with Deutsche Bank after serving a transitory stint with New York Life Insurance. At Deutsche Bank, Zuckerberg is Vice-President and Executive Acquisitions Talent Lead. She continues to attract top talent as this is an international institution.


Zuckerberg has proven herself and established her name in the executive recruitment profession. As noted salary average in this profession is said to range from $60,000.00 to $120,000.00 annually. This is primarily based on experience and education background. So too, recruiters, also called head hunters, may start out working in-house as part of a Human Resource Department or contract services via an outside company.


Zuckerberg has various avocational interests that complement her professional pursuits. Her LinkedIn profile indicates interest in social action. This is noted to include human rights, advocacy and animal welfare, as well as civil rights and economic empowerment.


Outside of work, Zuckerberg is noted to have interest in photography. In particular, she likes to capture elements of nature in picture. She also enjoys hiking in and around New York City’s parks and established urban or nature trails.



Honey Birdette Expands Both Online And In Physical Locations

The arrival of a new brand on main street and as a digital presence has always led to much excitement and the Honey Birdette lingerie brand has seen a major level of sales and growth not often seen in the retail industry since its launch n 2006. Already a major success in its home nation of Australia, the Honey Birdette range is now making its way around the world with the company targeting faster than expected growth in North American and the U.K.

In the U.S. alone Honey Birdette has grown at an amazing rate with Online sales rising by 374 percent across the last 12 months that has led to a new plan to provide a dedicated Online sales platform for U.S. consumers to enjoy; the new sales platform will make it easier for all North American customers to get special offers, faster shipping, and complete returns in a faster and simpler way.

Growth in the U.K. has been focused more on the development of physical brick and mortar locations that have already proven a success with three stores opened in the U.K. by the end of 2016. Sales have been so impressive that Honey Birdette is now looking to open up to 40 new stores across the U.K. in some of the best known metropolitan areas within the

Luxury has rarely looked as good as it does with the Honey Birdette brand that brings impressive products to the world of retail along with a sense of fun that reflects much of the Australian heritage of the brand.

Eloise Monaghan was enjoying a glass of champagne with a friend in 2006 when she hit upon the idea for Honey Birdette and began exploring how best to bring her vision of luxury lingerie and other luxury products to customers Online and in the opulent stores in some of the world’s most impressive destinations.

How Bob Reina Acts As A Philanthropist

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, has made it his mission in life to be a positive force in the lives of others. Helping others lies at the core of his company and affects everything from how employees are treated to customers, their independent contractors, and the charitable donations that are made. Bob Reina believes that his success comes with the responsibility to help others also achieve success in their lives as well as ameliorate suffering around the world.

Bob Reina has given philanthropically many times to various charities, both internationally and in his home community of Tampa Bay, Florida. One example is his donation of $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He also financially supports an orphanage in Indonesia, the victims of the earthquake in Nepal, and many other charitable efforts. He also started a program at his company where every Talk Fusion Associate, the network of independent contractors who sell the company’s products, can provide a charity of their choice with Talk Fusion’s best product package. The charity receives all five of Talk Fusion’s products which include Video Chat, Live Meetings, Video Email, Video Newsletters, and Sign-up Forms. The charities use this package in order to reach more donors and have a better success rate in meeting the mission of their nonprofit.

Bob Reina earned his degree at the University of South Florida. While going to school he also had to work a number of jobs which led to a great deal of self-discipline. This helped him afterward when he attended police academy and his self-discipline led to him earning the top spot in his graduating class. He served as a patrol office in South Florida but wanted to build his own company. An idea to form a business around came to him when, working with his internet provider, there was no way to send a video over their service. He brought in a friend of his who was a programmer and together they developed their first product, Video Email. This product was highly successful and led to the success he has since had.