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What Businesses Has Sawyer Howitt Been Involved With?

Sawyer Howitt is currently a Project Manager for the Meriwether Group. The Meriwether Group is a company which helps entrepreneurs grow their business ventures towards success. What businesses has Sawyer Howitt been involved with, and what makes him such a skilled Project Manager at the Meriwether Group?

Sawyer Howitt has been involved with several philanthropic organization. His work shows that he is drawn towards organizations that deal with educational funding and supporting women’s rights. The Meriwether Group is very soulful company, and the founder David Howitt, Sawyer’s father, has discussed his belief that entrepreneurs play a role in healing the world. Because business, the environment, people, ethics, and healing are all so closely interwoven, the entrepreneur must be socially as well as financially conscious. Sawyer Howitt shows that he is both of those. His work with philanthropic organizations prove that he has soaked up his father’s teachings, and is on a path which will help the world heal. His experience also includes providing leadership for an ethnic studies group, and mentoring troubled youth. Sawyer is teaching the world through his example, that having a mind for business and finances does not mean that you stop caring about social justice. He actively serves in his community.

At a young age, Sawyer was recognized as having a very keen awareness for the financial workings of various companies. He plans on studying at Columbia University, in Manhattan. There he will study Entrepreneurial Finance. This career path is very well aligned with the work of Meriwether group, and will set him up as a perfect person to run the company when his father retires. He will also have many other opportunities before him.

Sawyer Howitt has also been involved with the Kure Juice business, as a customer service agent. With this role he picked up a great deal of knowledge and experience with relating to customers and their needs. As a Project Manager for Meriwhether, it is valuable that Sawyer Howitt knows many sides to the daily workings of a business. His experience with customer service and philanthropic organizations are just a few of the ways that Sawyer Howitt has been involved with business ventures.