Banking in the Future

John Holt served on a panel of some of the highest level bankers in Texas last year. His remarkable drive to make the best decisions regarding profit left his fellow panelists speechless. Jaw dropping rhetoric on the importance of technological innovation had the crowd clamoring for more.

Advances in the sphere of technology were not the only thing mentioned during the panel. New ways on how to organize and lead a banking firm were also discussed. The magnificent John Holt centered in on how community banking should grow organically, with enough time to hammer out all the kinks.

One of the banks that took John Holts lessons to heart was Nexbank, his own firm and a leader in the industry. A top down approach to leadership symbolizes what banking is all about, and those traits are execution, flexibility and expertise. Every employee of Nexbank has a little of John Holts inside of them which is reflected in their high performance.

Nexbank has numerous practice areas including commercial banking, mortgage banking and a great deal of institutional services. If you want fair pricing and professional attitudes Nexbank is the best of the best.

Remember, John Holts is a man of his word and I for one admire that in a CEO.

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