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Securus Technologies-the home of Safety

At some point, our loved ones have committed crimes. In an attempt to keep them away from jail, we employ lawyers. Sometimes we succeed, but at times they end up convicted. The great news is Securus Technologies has eliminated the risks that come along with our relatives been in jail.

One of the greatest fear was the inmate losing their life. Some convicts commit crimes with the collaboration of strong personalities. This is why when they are detained; these figures attempt to kill the inmates through corrupted officers. This is in an attempt of destroying the evidence.

Securus Technologies has eliminated such cases. This is through the gadgets that they have provided the correctional services with, which allow them to monitor the inmate’s activity. Through this devices, the corrupted officers have been eliminated.

There other inmates who have been serving long sentences. This has encouraged a personal relationship with the officers. Through these officers, they can access illegal stuff like phones. Fortunately, the Securus Technologies have helped to crack such calls and provide useful information in investigations.

Citizens with families in jails are glad to know the inmates are safe. They say that this has facilitated the reforming process of the inmates.

The Securus Technologies is slowly changing the face of the correctional services. This is by tightening the security of the detentions.

They have also made jail life easier by providing the inmates with devices that they can use to communicate with their loved ones. These calls are recorded. In the case where there is something suspicious, they can be used as leads. The administration can use the conversations and commence the investigation immediately.

The Securus Technologies is committed to ensuring that the public and inmates are safe. Through their advice, they have been able to solve crimes. The CIDs continue to use the devices.

Securus Technologies is the home of safety.


The New Business App Know As Bumble Bizz By Whitney Wolfe Herd Is Quickly Becoming Successful

Bumble has once again changed the status quo with a networking service empowering woman in professional opportunities. Bumble is four years old, and as the founder Whitney Wolfe Herd has introduced Bumble Bizz. The app connects women to industry professionals, brands, social influences, and potential mentors.

Users simply open the Bumble app, and are connected to the new pink page with a right swipe. This is classified as the professional sector. Possible connections are achieved by geo-targeting individuals within a specific vicinity. Just like with the friend and dating platforms, someone may be added into the network with a right or left swipe. With Bizz, women are still in charge.

According to Whitney Wolfe Herd, women are approached every day in a professional capacity, but networking has remained extremely masculine. She admitted this places women in a vulnerable position, and could cause feelings of insecurity during masculine meetings. This is the reason she wanted to put women in control. Instead of having to look through endless photos and listings, Bizz will open an individual’s professional photo. The user can scroll to look at photos of their work, a skills section, and a digital resume. Every user is required to have a profile including an about me section, and a headline.

The profile allows the user to share four jobs within their profile along with six photos. Whitney wants the users to be wise regarding the image they share because this is the first link to potential connections. The connection can either be accepted or passed. For those who require some help with their profiles, Bumble offers excellent advice on putting together a compelling profile to make job hunting much easier. There are no prompts for the users to share their ages, and Bumble does not provide job opportunities. Despite this, sometimes connections turn into something substantial.

The same photo verification tool used for the BFF and dating services will be implemented for Bizz. This makes certain the people users connect with are who they say they are. Once finished, the user can switch modes by returning to the home screen, and swiping right or left. The services are all integrated, so separated apps do not need to be downloaded. Bumble is already hosting panels and networking events for the users of Bizz. The new service is available to users in Canada, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

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OSI Industries continues to venture to new international markets

OSI Industries is a meat processing company that was founded in the year 1909. The headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois. The company is based in seventeen different countries and a workforce of more than twenty thousand workers.

The jobs available in OSI Industries are posted at the company’s website. The jobs advertisements are equally distributed. The OSI Company groups are the specialists in products such as breakfast and beacon sausages. The company also produces food service and retail products. The company’s control in food manufacturing keeps on growing as they have acquired other companies that help in diversification of the OSI’s production capabilities.

The OSI Group has expanded its market share by buying of different food companies located in various parts of the world. The company in 2006 acquired a Netherlands based company known as Baho Food Group. Just like OSI Group, Baho Group processed meat and also produced food services and other retail products. Baho consisted of five subsidiary companies. The Baho firms had been in food processing industry for about 60 years. They dealt with snack foods, convenience foods, and deli meat. In Europe, Baho Group together with their subsidiaries served over 18 countries. Acquisition of Baho helped the OSI to strengthen European presence.

In June 2016, Tyson Food, a Chicago based plant was sold to OSI group for $7.4 million. Tyson had in the previous year publicly announced that the company would be shut down. They announced that over 480 employees would lose their jobs after the company shut down 4201 S. Ashland Ave. facility by October 1. When OSI bought Tyson Food, only 250 employees were operating the plants. OSI Group employed all the remaining Tyson Foods employees. The Chicago facility was used to maximize the Group’s manufacturing needs.

Due to its location, the U.K foodservice market was well serviced by the Flagship Europe. Frozen poultry, dressings, mayonnaise, sauces, and pies were some of the products offered by Flagship Europe. The company purchased Calder Foods that is located in Europe and which produced food options and mayonnaise dressings and dips. OSI Industries in 2016 acquired the Flagship Europe. The acquisition has helped them to widen their market in the United Kingdom. In addition to expanding the market outreach, OSI Group will be able to satisfy their customers’ demands with the expansion of the food products the group can make available to the foodservice industry by acquiring Flagship Europe.

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