The Rocketship Education Community Is Much More Than Just A School

Rocketship Education is well-known as one of the fastest-growing and impressive educational groups in the U.S. after being established in 2006 before expanding to now operate 20 schools across three states and Washington D.C. The charter schools program focuses solely on the elementary school age group of students who come from low-income families the leaders of the group, Preston Smith and John Danner identified as those struggling to make an impact in terms of educational opportunities during their time as public school teachers. Smith and Danner came together in 2006 to open their first class in a San Jose church hall which would soon grow into one of the best-performing school communities in the U.S.

Building a community is not solely about creating a brighter future for students at Rocketship Education’s campuses across the three states of California, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. Creating a community has been highlighted in 2017 when devastating flooding struck low-income areas of San Jose and prompted an emergency response headed by educators and families at Rocketship Education; many of the families affected by flooding in 2017 were provided with food, emergency clothing, and other much-needed supplies to maintain their standard of living when almost everything was lost. Members of the Rocketship Education community across the nation made donations through specialist charities helping with the affected areas of San Jose as news of the problem affecting a number of families spread across the nation.

One of the ways the Rocketship Education experiencer differs from the traditional public school’s system experience for families is the fact parents are given as much of a role in the school community as students are. Part of the work of Rocketship Education revolves around the need to engage with parents to make sure they are affecting the lives of students in a positive way. For the educators, at Rocketship Education the home of a student is simply an extension of the school campus and is visited on regular occasions by teachers dedicated to helping children in a safe and effective manner.

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