Whether your pet is fishy, furry, feathery, or scaly, letting an animal into your home and heart is always accompanied by one sad question: How to cope with the death of your pet? The short lifespan of many common pets almost guarantees that an owner will outlive her. Unfortunately, when a pet dies, the owner will go through the same stages of grief that are present at the loss of a human friend or family member, but is often expected to recover with little or no time off. Talking to a therapist can provide a grieving effort with a safe place to discuss their feelings about the loss of their pet.

If you are grieving for the loss of a pet or something else is getting you down, learning to be resilient will help you “bounce back” from negative situations in life. Sadness and emotional pain are natural responses when things go wrong in life, but dwelling on these experiences is not healthy. One way to become more resilient is to understand that it’s okay to accept help. While it’s tempting to become a hermit when you’re in pain, staying social by connecting with friends and family can help put things into perspective. When you are dealing with a loss, practicing self-care can help you feel like yourself again.

Talkspace is an online therapy site that matches its clients to therapists who fit their needs based on the answer to a questionnaire. Clients connect with their therapist via text message. The convenience of this form of therapy is that it fits with any schedule and can be done anywhere. If you feel like you might benefit from a therapist, but shy away from the idea of spending an hour in someone’s office, Talkspace may be a solution for you.

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