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Bruno Fagali; Compliance Is Paramount

Undoubtedly, every workplace has a different atmosphere, environment, and different ethos. With that said, an efficient workplace encompasses people’s behavior. This includes the character of employers, employees and even clients to some extent. Therefore, it can be quite challenging for managers to deal with some of the issues surrounding gross misconduct at work. In such instances, the employer conducts a formal investigation in line with compliance. The consequences of gross misconduct at work have often led to dismissals. That is why recently, the president of the famous Ford Motor Mr. Raj Nair was forcefully made to step down.

Background Information

In a statement regarding his dismissal, the management of Ford Company admittedly reported that Raj Nair was guilty of misconduct. However, the press release statement did not tap into the actual transgression. Inconsistency marked Nair’s behavior; an aspect that went against Ford Motor’s code of conduct.


Nair has worked with Ford Motor for about 31 years. He was appointed as the president of the company in 2017. Prior to joining Ford Motor, he worked as the CTO alongside managing global product development. Besides, he broadly managed the firms’ technology branch especially when the company wanted to broaden its services to mobility services along with its drive in the direction of self-driving cars.

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Nair Apologizes

Regarding his dismissal, Raj Nair regretfully apologized for his behavior citing lack of exhibiting leadership behaviors in line with the company’s principles. He espoused his absolute belief and trust in Ford Motor’s employees.


Over and above, Raj Nair’s jest of misconduct is vague and can barely be explained. But given the fact that he signed the document which indicated his misgivings is enough to point fingers at him. Well, in the words of Bruno Fagali, about these and additional misconduct related to the case, one fact remains constant; social compliance is paramount irrespective of an employee’s position according to

Describing Bruno Fagali

An emerging lawyer in Brazil’s transitioning business industry, an enthusiastic corporate adviser, and legal expert, Bruno Fagali has shaped his career in the line of administrative law and corporate governance. Since 2006, Bruno Fagali has involved himself with multiple law firms and garnered vast experience in legal matters for almost a decade. He continues to shape his career around compliance and corporate law. Moreover, Bruno Fagali uses his wealth of knowledge to share critical information on compliance and corporate issues.

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Barbara Stokes Delivers New Homes to Homeless Disaster Victims

Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC. She founded the company in 2008. The company provides housing solutions to those affected by natural disasters. They are contractors who build quality, manufactured homes, delivered to the locations that need them the most. Additionally, it offers many other services to its customers, including warehousing and fleet services. Barbara has years of business experience and government contracts experience. Her company is located in Huntsville, Alabama. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

The management team of Green Structure Homes also includes Scott Stokes, who serves as the Chief Operating Officer. The team has many decades of industry experience, Barbara Stokes attended Mercer University, and graduated from there in 2001. She was a student of the subjects of Biomedical Engineering and Physics, and additionally in the areas of manufacturing, management, structures, and materials.

Her past employment with corporations such as Pisces and Boeing taught Barbara all about the facets and intricacies of government contracting. Green Structure Homes works closely with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), a disaster relief agency of the United States government.

Green Structure Homes also provides a full range of warehousing services. It offers its customers an in depth warehouse analysis and inventory control with total accountability. Areas of analysis include energy efficiency recommendations and services to lower the utility bills. The company can additionally supply the warehouse customer with a customized ordering system.

Barbara Stokes has highly trained technicians on staff to provide additional services, such as fleet maintenance. They offer maintenance assessment and service by a certified technician. They have a wide range of sizes of dry boxes and refrigerator boxes. The company can also provide electronic testing for the fleet.


Barbara Stokes, and all of the members of her expert management team, maintain a high level of integrity at Green Structure Homes. The company has been selected for numerous government contracts. They have built upon a reputation of high quality workmanship. Barbara is proud to work with, and support the efforts of agencies such as FEMA.

The company uses its own state of the art facilities when constructing the pre-made homes. They are built with the highest safety standards in place. The production crew at the manufacturing facilities use only the most technically advanced equipment available. Every high quality home is built with pride at Green Structure Homes in Alabama. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.