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OSI Industries: The Story of One of America’s Biggest Food Producing Entities

How does an entity start off as a small local butcher shop in Chicago and become a $6.1 billion food producing superstar? Well, let’s take a look at the fantastical story of OSI Industries. It was 1909 when Otto Kolschowsky immigrated to the United States. A German immigrant, Otto had ambitions of being a business owner in this new country that had an emphasis on capitalism. Otto started a small butcher shop outside of Oak Park in West Chicago. His business took off. His quality, speed, and service standards allowed the small show —now called Otto & Sons — to enter the wholesale food market.

Otto & Sons was a stable family business. For years, the company continued to service Chicago and it was becoming a household name in the neighborhoods of West Chicago. Then, everything changed for Otto & Sons because of one simple handshake made between Ray Krok and Henry and Arthur Kolschowsky. When Ray Krok opened his first McDonalds location in 1955, Otto & Sons were to be the sole suppliers of beef products to the establishment.

This one handshake changed Otto & Sons forever. The company quickly rebranded. The new OSI Industries was ready to take on anything that came their way. As McDonald’s exploded in popularity, so did OSI. OSI Industries are masters at leveraging opportunity for the purposes of expansion. Riding on the coattails of the McDonalds expansion, OSI Industries proceeded to expand across the United States. OSI then used their business savvy and ability to make key acquisitions to start on their path of global domination of the food production industry.

OSI quickly made partnerships with the likes of K&K and JC Comsa. They used these new partnerships to gain influence in China and Taiwan. To reach other areas of the world, OSI used persistent production techniques and acquisitions of companies offering a broad range of products.

Acquisitions like that of Hynek showed that OSI Industries placed importance on local communication and loyalty, while the acquisition of Baho showed that OSI wanted a broad range of competitive products and access to more constricted markets like the Netherlands. OSI may have leveraged McDonald’s success at the beginning of their rapid expansions, but today, the company supplies most of the major foodservice businesses in the world. OSI is continuing to see growth and using that growth to acquire products, business, and customer loyalty.

About OSI Industries:

Meet The ATS Digital Services Champion Mr. Robert Deignan

Many know Robert Deignan as a business owner and an entrepreneur but what else describes this legend in the world of business? Well, he is one of the qualified business champions in almost every facet when it comes to innovation and even in turning ideas into a reality. Besides his business ventures, he is well known to be the Founder and consequently the Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Tech Support (ATS) Digital Services which happens to be the very first call center to be certified and approved by AppEsteem Corporation in providing premium services to various software app clients.

The main focus of Robert Deignan in founding ATS was the customers. He wanted to ensure that consumers get the highest quality customer service and the right products. It is this company that will ensure your desktop or laptop computers are safe and smooth in their operations. Their team of qualified technicians is there to troubleshoot your computer safely and install the required software that will fix your computer problems. You can be sure that the company under the leadership of Robert Deignan has quality applications and software having been certified by AppEsteem body which approves Apps that are used in our modern age.

Robert Deignan started his education by attending St. Thomas Aquinas High School and later joined Purdue University in 1992 where he pursued Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership. He got great and vast career experience that has made him be the iconic figure he is today. His career journey dates back to 1998 when he co-founded Fanlink, Inc. which operated for almost 3 years and was dissolved.

In the pursuit of his visions, Robert Deignan later joined iS3 where he served as the Executive Vice President for over a decade until mid-2011. This is the same year that he co-founded Inbound Calls Experts which was basically offering digital services to various customers globally. Later the company changed its name to ATS Digital Services with its operational base in Boca Raton in Florida. From his generous contributions to various charities, it is evident that Robert is very mindful of his community. Robert is playing his part, are you?

Mike Baur’s Start Up for Start Ups

To anyone born in Switzerland, a career in banking is an obvious and lucrative choice, but after 20 years in the Swiss finance industry Mike Baur decided to take a risk, forever altering the trajectory of his career. In 2015, after dabbling in start-up investments, Baur, along with partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, founded the Swiss Start Up Factory.

The businessmen teamed up when they saw an obvious opening in the market. Switzerland has plenty of entrepreneurs with new ideas, and a long history of innovation, but was not experiencing the level of start up activity found in other dynamic economies. The Swiss Start Up Factory fills that void, allowing fledgling companies to thrive. The Factory’s services include securing funding, providing mentorship, and sharing networking connections.

Mike Baur sees random ideas as the genesis of successful start-ups. The next great idea is not something that can be searched for but is born out of a need for something that doesn’t already exist, like the Swiss Start Up Factory. So, suggests Bauer, if something is missing, create it.

Mike Baur’s initial aim was to encourage the nascent start up field in Switzerland, but the Factory also takes on international clients. The globalized economy, increasingly built on cheap, easy communication, is highly conducive to the thriving start-up field. For example, says Bauer, a website can be built from scratch in a matter of a few minutes, and programs like WhatsApp have democratized easy, real-time communication around the globe.

A successful start up, suggests Baur, is predicated on the acceptance of failure, a propensity to break the rules, and a work ethic designed for achievement. At the heart of this is what Baur calls the networking of ideas. To his thinking, it is absolutely vital to let go of any apprehensiveness and share thoughts. Those discussions and networking connections create a synergy of team-building and a forward movement of ideas. For Baur, success requires failure. The only mind-set that will thrive is to keep trying, over and over again if necessary. In Mike Baur’s estimation, the start-up environment is built to actively weed out the true potential. During periods of little forward movement, those who tough it out and persevere, will be the ones Mike Baur knows will succeed, and the Swiss Start Up Factory will be there to help.

Lawrence Bender Goes to War with the Inglorious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds might not be the most popular films in the career biography of both Quentin Tarantino and Lawrence Bender, but the film was a hit. The worldwide box office gross for Inglourious Basterds was more than $320 million. That’s not exactly a “lowball figure.” Lawrence Bender probably found producing the movie to be a risk. War films run a high risk of not being successful. Yes, there have been some truly huge box office success stories in the war genre. The history of cinema also shows quite a few duds. Connecting with audiences can be difficult when choosing to produce a war film. Public sentiment may not always be willing to embrace battle scenes.

A war film that comes out during a period of relative peace comes with the chance of selling more tickets than a film released while overseas actions actually occur. Inglorious Basterds belonged to a special subgenre of war films. The feature is a World War II war film. Audiences seem to enjoy watching films that deal with that powerful era in world history. While films focused on World War II can be brutal in their depictions, the films do maintain an uplifting emotional power. Audiences embrace the overall positive nature of a WWII film, which helps such a feature’s box office potential.

Good reviews from critics and audiences help as well. Lawrence Bender certainly is no stranger to films that received great critical acclaim. He has received numerous industry awards. Bender also garnered prestigious award nominations. The actual tally reveals 6 Academy Awards and 29 nominations. The big-budget feature Inglorious Basterds definitely ranks among his most well-received films.

Regardless of how well-made a war film is, the costs associated with producing one can be huge. A World War II film automatically comes with a significant budget since the feature requires recreating the 1940s. And then there are all the battle scenes to film and edit. Creating a war film can never be described as an easy task. Quentin Tarantino and Lawrence Bender both deserve credit for making a successful one. The complexities of producing a war film may keep these two from doing another one in the future.

Do You Have What It Takes To Work At Sussex Healthcare?

Those that work at Sussex Healthcare have an incredible opportunity for a life long career. Individuals that have a passion to help others will find this organization one of the best operations for healthcare workers. The many employees all work together to ensure that every resident gets the top caliper type of care that this healthcare provider for seniors is well known for.

A new CEO has announced some exciting changes that will even make this organization better for the residents and the many loyal employees. Every person working in any capacity at Sussex Healthcare is always considered part of the family.

This low key environment makes the job easier for the employees to perform. There are lots of opportunities for employees to have a say in the manner of care that is always provided. This dedicated healthcare organization continually works to find new ways of improving on their many stellar services. Known for their expertise in caring for elders, Sussex Healthcare also provides highly specialized care for young adults that suffer from various physical, mental or learning disabilities. In addition to the stunningly decorated senior living homes, Sussex Healthcare now has several facilities devoted to caring for those with special needs.

Some have heard of the topnotch dementia unit that Sussex Healthcare operates. The employees working there must take special training to be able to provide that level of precise care. The facilities are made to provide very secure and safe environments, and even the decor choices are there to aid in memory retention. This includes having memory boxes for each resident. Their families are encouraged to bring comforting items from home to make the resident with failing memory feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. Special reminiscence sessions are also provided to allow senior residents to think back on happy experiences and share them with others.

Sussex Healthcare has won several awards for their fantastic care. Those that wish to work somewhere where their efforts will be appreciated should seriously consider coming over to Sussex Healthcare. Nurses, aides, therapists, nutritionists and healthcare administrative positions are now being offered to fill upcoming open positions. Non clinical job openings like housekeeping, dietary, laundry room, telephone receptionists, computer experts, accountants, business positions and more are some of the many fine jobs available in this large network of committed healthcare providers. If you feel that you have what it takes, apply soon.