Do You Have What It Takes To Work At Sussex Healthcare?

Those that work at Sussex Healthcare have an incredible opportunity for a life long career. Individuals that have a passion to help others will find this organization one of the best operations for healthcare workers. The many employees all work together to ensure that every resident gets the top caliper type of care that this healthcare provider for seniors is well known for.

A new CEO has announced some exciting changes that will even make this organization better for the residents and the many loyal employees. Every person working in any capacity at Sussex Healthcare is always considered part of the family.

This low key environment makes the job easier for the employees to perform. There are lots of opportunities for employees to have a say in the manner of care that is always provided. This dedicated healthcare organization continually works to find new ways of improving on their many stellar services. Known for their expertise in caring for elders, Sussex Healthcare also provides highly specialized care for young adults that suffer from various physical, mental or learning disabilities. In addition to the stunningly decorated senior living homes, Sussex Healthcare now has several facilities devoted to caring for those with special needs.

Some have heard of the topnotch dementia unit that Sussex Healthcare operates. The employees working there must take special training to be able to provide that level of precise care. The facilities are made to provide very secure and safe environments, and even the decor choices are there to aid in memory retention. This includes having memory boxes for each resident. Their families are encouraged to bring comforting items from home to make the resident with failing memory feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. Special reminiscence sessions are also provided to allow senior residents to think back on happy experiences and share them with others.

Sussex Healthcare has won several awards for their fantastic care. Those that wish to work somewhere where their efforts will be appreciated should seriously consider coming over to Sussex Healthcare. Nurses, aides, therapists, nutritionists and healthcare administrative positions are now being offered to fill upcoming open positions. Non clinical job openings like housekeeping, dietary, laundry room, telephone receptionists, computer experts, accountants, business positions and more are some of the many fine jobs available in this large network of committed healthcare providers. If you feel that you have what it takes, apply soon.


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