Urbana Is Helping In All Different Aspects

If there is one name that comes to mind when someone says LaCrosse, it’s Jon Urbana. It’s not only because he’s been such a prominent figure in the sport but also because he’s made such a difference. Urbana has long been known for his skills ever since his college days but it’s what he did with those skills afterwards which make him all the more remarkable.

In college, Jon Urbana was one of the star players of the LaCrosse team at Villanova. He was a defensive player who was acknowledged and admired for his skills. Throughout the years, he started most of the games that he played in. The team knew it needed Urbana and as time went by, Urbana realized he needed LaCrosse. That’s why he turned his passion into helping others.

Urbana is one of the co-founders of the Next Level Lacrosse camp. That LaCrosse camp truly helps the youth get passionate behind a sport. LaCrosse isn’t always the most well known sport and this is a great way to get people excited about it. Urbana helps to teach the younger generation the proper tips and techniques to be a great player! He really helps them develop and grow their skills when it comes to that sport. Everyone who comes to camp has fun, learns, and leaves as a better LaCrosse player.

It seems that the youth holds a special place in Urbana’s heart. He is also an integral part and Jon Urbana’s fundraising for Earth Force which is helping the youth to mobilize and care about the environment. His fundraising efforts are helping a younger generation get passionate about the environment and do what they can to save it. It’s helping them to learn important concepts like recycling and earth cleanup, and how that directly effects the planet that we live on.

Urbana is also a prominent businessman. He is the Director of Ellipse USA where he is constantly striving to find ways to improve his business whether it’s in marketing, advertising, or any other role. Urbana oversees a large variety of things within the company. Overall, Urbana truly is a force in the Denver, Colorado area.

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Woke Twitter Speaks out against Racism

People are using Woke Twitter to fight against entrenched concepts such as racism, sexism and gender stereotyping. They are coming together through a movement known as Woke Twitter. This is a conscious movement that is taking place through Twitter and it uses hashtags to unite millions of people everywhere.

In January of 2016 racial slurs were made about black people. Two popular South African personalities were angry about how the Brighton Beach area was left after black South Africans visited the famous beach. Brighton Beach is located within the coastal city of Durban. It is a popular vacation or holiday spot by many people within the nation and from the UK.

Justin van Vuuren and Penny Sparrow made some harsh comments about black people that were not taken lightly by people on Woke Twitter. Van Vuuren and Sparrow both called the black people of South Africa “little monkeys” in their rant about how they did not like black people messing up their public beaches. The reaction from Woke Twitter was fierce and many blacks rose up to put down the discrimination.

Brenda Wardle is a legal analyst from South Africa. She is a growing media personality and she often comments on the language that organizations and institutions use to promote their racial agenda. Wardle states that many South African people (and people from around the world) are offended by the comments that van Vuuren and Sparrow.

She also states that even though the two apologized for their comments; the damage that they done could not be healed. Woke Twitter wants Sparrow and van Vuuren to both be removed from their positions of influence and their jobs. Wardle agrees with this outcome since it is important for public figures to behave in a responsible way. Many of the average citizens in South African agree that something should be done about these two and their comments.

Woke Twitter is on the rise and people everywhere are joining in this movement. There are organizations that are even using Woke Twitter to help further their own activist agenda. Woke Twitter has become a new form of social activism that is going to impact the world.

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