Achieve Flawless Makeup Everyday With Kim Dao’s Tutorial

Kim Dao, a video blogger living in Japan, shares with her fans her personal makeup routine used for an everyday look. The routine she shares, taking ten minutes or less is perfect for someone who wants fresh beauty in a short amount of time.

beginning with primer to create a glowing, flawless finish, Kim Dao recommends dotting the primer all over before blending it. Using her favorite BB cream to cover any uneven skin tones, she chooses one that is light in order to avoid the dreaded “caked on” appearance. With a loose powder to set the look in place, She has now created a very pretty base.

Kim Dao next moves on to give viewers a recreation of her simple and beautiful eye makeup. To start this process she uses an eye primer, chosen to help keep eye shadow in place. Using a cream-colored shadow on the outer corners and a darker shade underneath, she blends it before adding a dark brown for a smokey eye effect. She finishes her eye shadow by blending and adding a champagne color all over. Kim Dao then uses liquid eyeliner to line the top eyelid before curling her lashes and applying mascara on the top and bottom. She uses an eye crayon under her eyes with some shimmer shadow to even out the look, finishing with filling in her brows.

After applying a bit of blush and some lip tint, Kim Dao mists her face, finishing the look and moisturizing in one easy step.

Kim Dao does a fantastic job of giving her many fans a tutorial for a lovely makeup look with the added bonus of being very achievable.

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A Review of Popular Television Series Queens of Drama

At the end of a lengthy day at work or school, we all need to relax as we catch up on our favorite movies. Watching Queens of Drama will certainly help one unwind after the rigors of a stressful day. This reality show tracks the lives of former A-list actresses as they embark on a mission to work together in a film production company to shoot their own TV series with concrete roles for women.

The actresses featuring in the series are Lindsay Hartley, Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo and Donna Mills. It had one season with ten episodes. Marcil is best known for her role in “Vegas”. Tylo was a lead actress in “The Bold and the Beautiful”. Hunt had a role in “Guiding Light” while Hartley performed in “Passions”.

The five women seem to always differ on everything. This is partly due to their egos, all of them having starred in past films. Hartley and Hunt for example have a tension filled relationship seen when Hunt jokes about Hartley’s age. This causes a catfight between the two.

The services of Donna Mills are enlisted so that she helps in the development of the project. She instantly gets into loggerheads with the women when she makes crucial decisions without consulting them. They consequently throw her out and replace her with Joan Collins.

Pharris is depicted as the voice of reason because she is the one who relentlessly arbitrates whenever Hunt and Hartley relieve their vendettas on each other. Everyone seems to put their personal goals above the interest of the group. However, in the end they attain their goal and produce the show. The series is drama-filled and will certainly keep viewers glued to the screen.

In the film, Hunt diligently plays her role and manages to steal the limelight from the rest. Her failure to agree with Hartley particularly portrays her strong stand on issues and her inability to get swayed. She makes no apologies for doing what she believes is right and this is what makes her stand out from the rest. In the end she comes out as the star of the show.

Metacritic notes that Hunt was born on 5th February 1985 in Clearwater Florida. Her talents on the stage were noticed early and consequently her parents allowed her to take part in pageants. She was spotted by many production houses, which featured her in many advertisements such as Walt Disney’s quarter century anniversary. Her fame grew when she played Lizzie Spaudling, a troubled daughter of Beth and Philip Raines in “Guiding Light” which earned her a Daytime Emmy Nomination. Hunt has also starred in other films such as the Derby Stallion, Sydney White and One Life to Live.

Besides acting, Hunt has tried her hand at film production and together with her close friend and acting colleague Dania Ramirez, she created her first film, “Talbot County”. She also owned a fashionable boutique in her hometown Clearwater at some point.  For her acting work Crystal Hunt has a video on YouTube to highlight her talents.

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