The Story of Vincent Parascandola in 3 min

Career history

Vincent Parascandola is a wealthy American businessman. He holds the position of senior vice president of AXA Advisors. Serving as the vice president, Mr. Parascandola is entitled with overseeing the day to day business operations of the firm. He has the following responsibilities;

  1. Managing the sales of the firm
  1. Overseeing the recruitment of new employees
  1. Retention of employees
  1. Developing new and experienced professionals
  1. Leading the development of the company

Before serving as the vice president, Mr. Parascandola had worked for almost 25 years in the industry. This vast experience coupled with his professionalism was the contributing factors to him securing the vice president position at AXA Advisors. Mr. Parascandola began his career at Prudential. Here, he worked as an agent. Working as an agent not only provided an opportunity for him to horn his skills but allowed him to form and maintain a massive network of business affiliates.

Besides his career rise, Mr. Parascandola earned a couple of awards. He won the Rookie of the Year Award in the 1980s. This award recognizes young innovators working in the industry. He, later on, quit working for Prudential to join Mony Life Company in 1990. At Mony Life Company, he held many local and regional job positions. Serving in all these posts, Mr. Parascandola achieved a lot of success. Also, his reputation of being a tenacious leader grew. He eventually resigned to work at AXA Advisors in 2004.

Once he joined AXA Advisors, he quickly rose through the ranks. Furthermore, his experience in the insurance industry propelled him to be promoted as the regional head of the New York offices. He worked as the regional head for a couple of years before being promoted to be the president of the Advantage Group. Advantage Group, a branch of AXA Advisors, was entitled with the hiring of experienced professionals in the industry to help with the analysis.

The illustrious career of Vincent Parascandola was due to his commitment and discipline. These essential attributes have helped him succeed in a demanding profession. His excellent leadership skills have earned him the GAMA’S Career Development Award and the Master Agency Award. In both these awards, he is recognized for his outstanding leadership at AXA Advisors.