Brian Bonar – A Business Heavy Hitter

In the summer of 2010 Brian Bonar, Chairman, CEO of Dalrada Financial, was named Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance. Each year, two men and two women in each discipline receive the honor. These people are chosen based on professional achievements and leadership abilities. Brian has served as Dalrada Financials Chairman and CEO, after serving in multiple leadership roles within the company since the early 1990s. Read more: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor and Board of Directors – Dalrada Financial

He selected the many employee and employer benefits and aftermarket products offered by the company. The organization is a Marketing Liaison, supplying employee benefit options to companies trying to increase business efficiency. Some of the specific benefits offered include workers’ compensation, business liability insurance, financial management and business management services.

Brian Bonar has over 30 years’ experience in management within the financial industry. He has a PH.D in International Business Development from Stafford University in the UK.

He received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Strathclyde University and an MBA from Stafford. He has several professional affiliations in the financial sector.

He is head of Trucept, Inc. (formally Smart-Tek Automated Services) and President at Allegiant Professional Business Service, helping them establish their presence in the Czech Republic and Mexico. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

He is Secretary and Chairman of Warning Management as well. He has had 18 years’ experience working with IBM in Europe and the U.S. He worked for 20 years at various other high growth companies also.

Brian Brian serves as a Director of the Boys and Girls Club of San Diego. He holds an Honorary title, Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, from Wales in the United Kingdom. Brian has a strong drive to design projects and execute the details to build them.

His portfolio includes commercial and retail projects, multi-family housing projects, aviation and school projects. He currently serves as a principal of MG2 which offers architectural services, planning, and consulting services.

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The Fusion of Talk and Video

Bob Reina built Talk Fusion from the ground up, and people are still amazed by how wonderful this company is. There are no plug-ins for the software, and the interface is very easy to use. That is what Bob Reina wanted because he is not a technically savvy person. He is a former deputy and FSU graduate that just happened to invent a company that would become a technology giant.

That is not to say that Reina didn’t know about technology at all. He had a friend that was an IT innovator. That would be the thing that would spark the interest in doing those things that could not be done. Reina was just someone that has managed to move beyond the boundaries that have been set before him. I was impressed when I heard that he had invented the software that could be used for video emails.

I cannot tell you how many newsletters I have deleted instantly just because I was bored by the same old newsletter information. With the Talk Fusion software people can spice up the newsletter with some video clips. This is something that makes this software very popular with a large number of people. I would say that this is one of the best brands around when it comes to video innovation.

I think that Reina was aware of the fact that he had to do something that was fresh and new when he hit the market. He knew that the field was dominated by the professionals that were already spending millions to develop video conferencing software. Bob Reina knew that he had to knock it out of the park with software that was unlike anything else that was out there. That is why he was successful. He had to work hard to make sure that he was coming up with something that was not on the market right now.

I know that he has succeeded because he has grabbed the top spot in this field. This shows the dedication. He shows that you can do anything if you really put your mind to it.

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White Shark Media: How To Handle Complaints In Your Business

Although no company likes receiving a complaint, customers’ complaints provide you with an opportunity to recognize and resolve specific issues with your current product or systems. They can also help in developing relationship with customers by allowing you to show that you value their business by paying attention to their concerns and addressing the matter appropriately.

White Shark Media has developed a strategic plan to handle customer complaints, and it works effectively in rectifying issues. White Shark Media has a clear, flexible and open policy on customer complaints. The company realizes that a complaint presents a great opportunity for a company to improve their organization.

The professionals at White Shark Review consider it beneficial that a customer or client is willing to give up valuable time to point out what they are not happy with, and why. They have trained their staff and management in complaints handling.

White Shark Media gives complaining top priority and takes appropriate steps to ensure prompt resolution and complete customer satisfaction. Their staff on is aware that complaints are a high priority item for their operation, and when they deal with them they strive to resolve them completely and promptly.

Nowadays customers can complain by mail or by phone, in person or email, and the staff at White Shark Complaints is always available and ready to handle all of these immediately and efficiently.

Most businesses have a process to log and assess all complaints and share the information with everyone in the organization. White Shark Media has a system in place for this purpose and it works flawlessly to ensure smooth operation and efficiency. They want to ensure that every member of their organization has the resources and system to learn about problems.

White Shark Media is a well established company with a great reputation in the industry and among customers. As a highly regarded AdWords agency, White Shark Media provides services to numerous clients in the industry. Their clients come from all walks of life, and include institutions, companies, corporations and individuals. Beginning online marketers and entrepreneurs have also relied on White Shark Media for expert guidance and advice on their quest for success.

White Shark Media has highly qualified and dedicated advertising and marketing professionals and the company is fully equipped to deal with any type of online promotion and marketing. White Shark Media has developed strategies to guide clients in achieving a better performing campaign and the level of success they desire.

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Hiring Professional Wiki Writers Is The Right Plan

The desire to create a Wikipedia page should never be so strong that it blinds the person putting the page together. A little bit of self-assessment should be performed. Anyone who is not experienced with writing non-fiction or journalistic pieces might wish to turn the job over to those with such skills. Businesses interested in using Wikipedia as an effective venue for branding are going to benefit from extremely well-written entries. The same rings true for any person hoping to publish content to help a tarnished reputation. Ultimately, the published Wikipedia page has to be an effective one. Professionally-produced work delivers this result.

To gain a little inspiration for crafting wonderful Wikipedia content, checking out an interesting story from several college campuses is worth reading.

Mother Board is reporting that college professors have a new idea in mind for grading their students. Instead of assigning term papers, they are assigning the students to write entries on Wikipedia. Not only do the students display their knowledge of the subjects being written about, the students are ensuring accurate content appears on Wikipedia. Wikipedia most definitely benefits from the presence of accurate, solidly-written content.

Professional writing helps businesses, private individuals, and other entities in need of a Wikipedia page. This is why a service such as Get Your Wiki is so valuable. Get Your Wiki is one such professional Wikipedia writing service. As a resource for hiring Wiki writers, Get Your Wiki is one of the best available. Taking advantage of professional Wiki experts absolutely makes the process easier and the results better.

Wikipedia has very serious standards in place to make sure the content meets acceptable standards. The writing has to be free of common errors associated with less-than-professional writing. The content should also be properly sourced with references and citations, and put forth a style that impresses the reader.

The content should end up being free of any interference from Wikipedia’s community of editors. This interference may end up being unavoidable when the material is improperly written or fails to meet the online encyclopedia’s standards.

Those standards also include rules about promotional or advertising content. Violating these rules could lead to an account being terminated. Hiring professional Wikipedia writers greatly reduces the chances of a scenario such as that playing out. Experienced Wikipedia writers know what type of content is simply not allowed and must be avoided.

US Money Reserve President Makes Strong Case Against the American Penny


The penny has certainly seen better days. At least that is according to Philip Diehl, the president of the US Money Reserve. In an interview on CNBC Squakbox, Diehl adimately campaigned for extinction of the penny from United States currency. Thought there are those who disagree with him for various reasons, Philip Diehl seemed confident that removing the penny is the right thing to do when it comes to money minting decisions.

The US Money Reserve president made the point that the penny cost far more to make than it is actually worth once it reaches the public. So, in affect, we are spending more than a penny to simply make a penny. One of the reasons that the penny has become so unprofitable is because it is made up of over 97% zinc. It comes as no surprise that those heavily invested in the zinc market are also heavily invested in opposing and campaigning against the removal of the penny from United States coinage. Diehl, however, insists that the over $100 million dollars that would be saved if the penny was taken out of circulation would be worth it.

Philip Diehl also pointed out that the penny is hardly used in common transactions any more. He bagan the interview by pointing out that most people will not even bother to pick up a penny that they see lying on the ground. He also brriefly argues that given the current economic state of the market place that the penny is no longer useful as contributing currency. Some economists are concerned that the removal of the penny would allow business to round prices up which may then cause an inflation. Diehl stated that he did not believe that there would be enough of a difference made that the market could not balance it. He also pointed out that most financial transactions are done via some sort of electronic method. Only approximately 25% of transactions even involve cash and Diehl, the president of the US Money Reserve, insists that keeping the penny in circulation for 25% of financial transactions is simultaneously worthless and expensive.


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Helping the 99 Percent

Imagine this scene: A man has worked his whole life building his business, an RV shop with a loyal clientele and an expert at the helm. For 35 years he has saved, and when he is ready to retire, he has $80,000 saved in cash. He asks his son-in-law, who has worked in trading and financial services throughout his career, to invest the money. But the son-in-law is disappointed. He realizes he could grow his father-in-law’s nest egg – his entire life savings – more quickly if only people like his father-in-law had access to the opportunities of accredited investors.

Now, imagine this scenario is real life. For Brad Reifler and his father-in-law, it is a true story and became the instigating factor for Reifler to develop a public fund for people like his father-in-law. Through Reifler’s firm Forefront Capital, this public fund, called Forefront Income Trust. The public fund gives wealth-accruing opportunities to average Americans who save and build but can only get so far on their own – the 99 percent, Reifler says.

On Twitter he’s pointed out that this mission is really a life mission for Reifler, who has spent his entire career in the investment world. Following graduation from Bowdoin College, Reifler took to the entrepreneurship world and started his own company, Reifler trading. It’s also all in the family for Reifler, who is the grandson of the founder of Refco, a firm he eventually went to work for and learned the nuances of trading. Reifler is the former director of several firms and banks, including European Investment Bank, Foresight Research Solutions, Genesis Securities and Pali Capital.

If you are worried about what to do with your hard-earned life savings, then that’s understandable, even though there are tons of investment tip guides out there. It’s difficult to know where to invest your money if you’re not familiar with the stock market and the other options you have before you. Reifler suggests diving in and learning as much as you can. Study the market, read about stocks and investments, and take calculated risks. Investment is all about risk at the end of the day, but remember that some risks are much better than others. That’s where your knowledge and studying really help you out. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are experts in the field who really can help, and your job is to identify the people you can really trust. Do your homework on the people in charge of your funds — or who potentially could be investing for you. You’ll not only have peace of mind, but you’ll have a relationship with someone you can really trust to do the very best he or she can with your investment portfolio over time.

Just remeber, diversification is really important with your portfolio.

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