Beneful as a Fail Safe

There is vast difference in the way puppies are fed and adult dogs. Many people treat puppies like small dogs, but they are not. They are just like growing kids, so the type of food is important as well as the amounts. A puppy should eat at least four times a day, and adult dogs should eat a single portion a day relative to their age and activity. Many people break this portion into two feedings, but the amount is important relative to activity much more than size. As a kennel owner, I utilize Purina’s Beneful Healthy Puppy with chicken dry food for my pups after weaning. However, because my adult dogs are very active, I also feed them Beneful, but in larger amounts. I save on food because Beneful is a nutritious brand, and dogs tend to need less of a brand that is aptly providing for them nutritionally. The added bonus is the lack of foreign, grain like materials not conducive to the dog’s health in Beneful brands means more nutrition is packed into less food. Taste matters too because some dogs will not eat foods they cannot identify, but Beneful brands on Petco like Beneful’s Chopped blends with real meat, as well as many other Beneful brands with real meat are readily accepted by even finicky dogs like I am describing. I feed dry food like Beneful Originals with beef at every opportunity because it is simpler for my needs and my dogs. In pups, I utilize this food in order to feed them out of my hand. Feeding this way seems a menial task, but beyond the bonding experience this provides, it also curtails food aggression and possession greatly. At this time in their development, I also do not utilize and open feeding method. I feed at the same time daily, and I only leave food down for a set time. This teaches them that when the food goes down, it is time to eat. I actually only utilize an open feeding method for my pregnant and nursing mothers and any infirmed dogs. For these occasions, I utilize Beneful Originals with real salmon.