Dr. Clay Siegall’s Pursuit of Cancer Research Greatness

Greatness can be achieved by anyone, and it can happen on any given day. Greatness can also happen in any field of work. The thing about greatness is that it doesn’t discriminate against anyone and Dr. Clay Siegall perfectly personifies this notion to the highest degree. When it comes to getting things done, it would be very hard trying to find someone who is as dedicated than this man. He’s on a personal mission to save lives because time is of the essence when dealing with cancer. This disease has touched him deeply because he has had a family member that has suffered with the illness. Siegall noticed that many of the treatments at that point in time were very harsh. The fire had been lit and Siegall has been on this mission of excellence ever since his college days.

Thanks to having an extended educational background, he has been able to climb straight to the top of the industry. Siegall has worked with many of the top industry-related organization in the world. This includes the National Institute of Health, the National Cancer Institute and Bristol Myers Squibb. In 1998, he became a co-founder of the startup company Seattle Genetics. At the time, the company was small, but it had big aspirations to become a success. Though the company struggled mightily in the beginning, it would get its act together and become a global leader in cancer research.

Seattle Genetics is its name and fighting cancer with advanced therapies is its game. This Bothell, Washington-based company has grown into becoming the face of the industry, and its targeted cancer-fighting medications are far superior than the medications of past eras. Seattle Genetics has many high-tech medications in testing, but its ADCETRIS drug is currently being used on a global scale. Dr. Clay Siegall has steered this ship to success, and it will only rise further in future years.