Water Shortage Worsens in Venzuela

According to the, the lack of water is becoming an increasing problem in Venezuela. Much of the electricity in the country is produced by hydroelectric dams so people are also suffering with increased electrical blackouts. The situation may only worsen if Venezuela does not get rain soon. Electrical officials including David Osio say they may have to limit electricity to less than eight hours a day in the country where over 65 percent of the electricity comes from a power plant where the water is just two feet above the stage where it will need to be shut down permanently.

As people have electricity for fewer hours, other problems are exasperated. Factories are having to send people home. Therefore, workers are getting fewer hours and less pay. The amount of muggings occurring is rising as the country’s street lights cannot be operated. Medical facilities that are already understaffed and have very little medicine often cannot perform even the most basic level of care.

The popular tourist destination of Margarita Island is only getting water once every 21 days after the reservoir servicing the area dried totally up. Therefore, many hotels are hiring drivers to deliver water to their facilities. Residents around the hotels have become so desperate that they have hijacked these trucks demanding that drivers give them the water.