Choosing an Event Planner Steps

Hosting a formal event can be a great way to celebrate a special occasion or bring people together for personal or professional’s reasons. When looking to plan an event, the process of finding a venue, planning the schedule, and negotiating with vendors can seem like a tough challenge. Fortunately, those that hire an event planner will find that much of the time and stress that goes into planning a party will be eliminated. When looking to hire an event planner, there are several steps that should be followed.

The first step is to determine the purpose of the event and the reason why you want to hire an event planner. Knowing the clear purpose will help the event planner to get a better understanding of your expectations and hopes for the event. And knowing why you want to hire an event planner will help the event planner to understand which tasks you need help with the most.

The next step is to develop a budget, which should then be shared with the event planner. Regardless of what the event is, you will undoubtedly want to be able to cap the amount of money that his spent. When going through a budget is sure to carefully estimate how much you want to spend and where you want to spend it. This will ensure that the event planner will understand which vendors and expenses to pursue.

The final step is to choose the event planner. It would be a good idea to choose an event planner that is experienced in hosting the type of party that you want and has experience working in your city.

When looking for New York event planners, a great option to choose is Twenty Three Layers. Twenty-Three Layers is one of the premier event planning companies in NYC and has the experience and connections to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch and is completed within the original budget. The company has organized events for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from small parties to large corporate events. They also have connections with vendors and at venues all over the city, which helps to ensure you will be able to save money.

The Team At Twenty Three Layers Wants You To Sit Back And Enjoy Your Party

Being invited to a party is always exciting. Being the party host can have its perks, but lets face it, no one wants to work and maintain order at a party. Planning the big event can be fun, but can pose a few challenges as the pressure of hosting the best throwdown builds. A party planner should be able to enjoy the party too, right? Planning your party should simply be a precursor for the fun to come, not a stress frenzy. No matter the occasion, there are several steps you can take to avoid stress when putting together the pieces for your party. Being creative and allowing your personality to guide you is a great way to start a stress free planning experience, and if you have generous friends, bring them in for a helping hand! Planning ahead and staying organized are both easy ways to manage your planning details and minimize stress.

When organizing an event just isn’t your cup of tea, there are passionate party ready to step in and take the cake. Because event planning can often be stressful, no matter how bad you try to avoid it, there are those who have dedicated their careers to helping your party dreams become a reality. Twenty Three Layers is an event planning and design company located in New York City. The creative duo behind the name focuses on delivering the most memorable and one-of-a-kind party experience to their clients, and can easily be recognized as the best event planners in NYC. Whether you are putting together a company Christmas party, or throwing a small showdown for your friends, the ladies at Twenty Three Layers have your back.

Vendors, individuals and prestigious companies from all over have placed their party planning needs in the hands of the Twenty Three Layers team time and time again. Clients enjoy a worry-free and unique party experience, personalized to fit their goals and personal preferences. From food to decor, the design duo works tirelessly to deliver the best experience to their clients and their guest not only in the big apple, but a over the world.