Fabletics takes on Amazon

Amazon is that company that is growing faster than any other athletic clothing company right now. Shoppers that have witnessed the way that Amazon is growing cannot deny that this is a monster company. Although, most people only know Amazon for things like books, electronics and music. Few would have guessed that Amazon may be one of the biggest competitors for athletic clothing companies like Fabletics.


This may be a surprise to some consumers, but Kate Hudson is aware. That is why she is doing everything she can to build a legacy when it comes to competing with someone like Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.


What Kate Hudson has discovered is that Jeff Bezos is adamant becoming dominant in every area. It is not enough for Amazon to be at the top when it comes to electronics or music. Bezos wants people to buy clothes from Amazon just the way that they are interested in buying toiletries or snacks.


Kate Hudson knows that she cannot compete with Amazon on these levels where they are selling other products, but she does believe wholeheartedly that she will be the one that is at the top of her game when it comes to outlet clothing for women. She is the one that is marketing the brand, and she knows all about the things that it takes to lure women that are trying to make the most of their shopping experience.


Hudson has put forth a solid plan to get women to take a lifestyle profile quiz where they can make notes on what they like best as a customer. Once they sign up for this they will have the chance to get into a VIP membership where clothes can be shipped to them based on their preferences.


This is light years ahead of what Jeff Bezos has done for Amazon, and that right now is the thing that makes people notice Fabletics over other companies. All of this is advertising that Jeff is outsourcing happens because he does not have the ability to do this on his own.


Kate Hudson, however, has shown the world that she is the face of Fabletics. She is the one that is helping with the design of the clothes as well as the comfort level and prices that are associated with these clothes. That makes her a very intricate part of the brand that she is promoting.

Kate Hudson Interviews About Athleisure

Athleisure is a new type of clothing that has been started up by Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson is very passionate about style. For one thing, she not only likes to look good, but she also wants to look good on any occasion. This includes working out and being involved in other athletic activities. This is where she has come up with a new style of clothing which is called athleisure. This type of clothing has brought her a new type of recognition on She has gone on interviews with magazines like Marie Claire in order to talk about her new style of clothing. One of the things she has said is that athleisure is designed to be worn on any occasion.

In order to show off her new athleisure style, Kate Hudson has worked with a couple of other business professionals to start a new line of clothing called Fabletics. Fabletics is a division of JustFab. Fabletics is an online subscription clothing retailer that offers new and unique styles of clothing for customers to try on. The type of clothes that are available in Fabletics are athleisure clothing which people could wear to a workout and to a casual night out.

Kate Hudson does admit that the style of Fabletics might not be something optimized for hikes and other forms of outdoor activities. However, it is the material that makes the products what they are. One of the aspects of clothing that Kate Hudson looks at is comfort. While they do look good to wear, people can also participate in strenuous activities in them. There is no need to change out of them in the case the person wants to be involved in athletic activities. While they are stylish on, the pieces of clothing are designed for activities. Athleisure can be ordered online for anyone that is interested. Fabletics also has a line of clothing for men. 

One Retail Executive Is Turning The Pittsburgh Steelers Into Street Wear Fashionistas

Fashion is not just the latest trend in footwear or clothing. True fashion is a state-of-mind. It is where the spirit meets the street so to speak. Everyone has their own fashion sense. Some people follow Italian or French trends while others look to various ethnic groups for clothing ideas. Sports fashion has become big business in the United States and the new strategic planner for the Pittsburgh Steelers is building a complete fashion line around sports and fashion. The new strategic planner in none other than Susan McGalla, the well-known retail executive, fashion expert, and consultant. McGalla has assumed the responsibility of building a head-to-toe fashion line around the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan knows what she is doing. She spent years in the retail business learning the tricks of the trade. Her new position gives her the opportunity to use all her talents. Susan is building an online location for consumers that includes name brand clothing, jewelry, accessories and sporting goods. According to McGalla, the website is a place to wear what the Steelers wear when they are not on the field. Susan McGalla honed her marketing skills while she was President of American Eagle Outfitters. And when she was offered the position of CEO of Wet Seal, she couldn’t resist the chance to get her feet wet in the young women’s fashion market. McGalla is using all her talents to turn the Steelers website into a household shopping destination. There are plenty of choices when it comes to black and gold on the website. A Pittsburgh Steelers fashion website wouldn’t be the same without a healthy representation of clothing and accessories in black and gold. But McGalla is not leaving out other fashion combination. The website has Victoria Secret pink, Tommy Bahama prints and Pandora silver jewelry that can be worn with anything. McGalla likes to say the ireport website is an easy way to shop using any device. All it takes is a click or two to be part of the Steelers fashion trend where the understated Steelers logo can be appreciated and worn with pride. The Steelers and McGalla have another win with the new fashion website. The site is designed for consumers of all ages, and that is certainly Super Bowl Worthy.