Eric Lefkofsky Leading Tempus to Precision-enabled Medicine

Eric Lefkofsky is an active businessman, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Over the past couple of years at the forefront of his focus has been one of his latest companies that he co-founded a couple of years ago.The business is called Tempus and t is a technology company that has started working in biotechnology.

Tempus is a business that aims to bring the future of medicine closer to the present. The company is focused on data-enable precision in medicine that is said to be the next step for the field. To be more specific, Tempus analyzes two types of data- molecular and clinical. Each set of data is specific to a patient with some kind of cancer, and Tempus aims to provide each case with a personalized therapy treatment to combat the disease as efficiently as possible. Tempus wants to transform the way cancer therapies are delivered.

Over its work, Tempus has had several hurdles such as expenses and the way personal data is collected about patients. Tempus has had to create software to read the hand-written notes that doctors had to provide as that is the most common way of collecting patient data. With the help of the software, Tempus has been able to collect and keep all of the information in a structured and accessible way.

Tempus uses a procedure called genome sequencing. The company had some problems at first as this process is extremely pricey. Now, it costs 5 000 dollars, but in 2003 it was at the mind-blowing cost of 100 million. Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus aim to bring down the price a bit further so that the genome sequencing can be used on a wider scale.

All in all, the work at Tempus has been going progressively forward despite the hurdles. The company has a number of partners such as universities, clinics, and hospitals around the United States of America. Some of the partners working with Tempus are the University of Michigan, the local University of Chicago- Medical School, the northwestern Lurie Cancer Center, the Mayo Clinic, and Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center, to name a few.

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Global Financial Crisis Looms, Claims George Soros

At a time when many would expect hedge fund legend George Soros to be concentrating on the 2016 U.S. Presidential election the well known liberal has taken the time to give his view on the state of the global economy. In an interview at an economic forum in Sri Lanka reported by Bloomberg the former refugee revealed his personal fear that the world is heading for a repeat of the global economic meltdown of 2008. George Soros explained the rationale behind his fears, before going on to warn investors of his belief this is a bad time to invest in the financial markets.
George Soros has seen his own thoughts on Bloomberg over the state of global politics and the economy revealed at a time when his own charitable group, the Open Society Foundations has been barred from working in Russia. Problems in China are driving economic issues around the world, but the Russian problem is one causing great concern for Soros, according to CNBC. Soros has been outspoken in his belief the Russian government headed by Vladimir Putin is attempting to drive the mass migration of refugees into Europe through continued bombing of civilian targets in Syria; this belief is coupled with the idea that Russia can only avoid its own economic meltdown by forcing the collapse of the European Union.

The political and economic situation in Europe is something that worries George Soros, but the major problems facing the global economy stem from China. Chinese officials have recently been battling to keep interest rates low as they attempt to deflect any issues seen within their economy as a potential sign of weakness. The financial expert credited with causing the devaluation of the British Pound in 1992 reveals he believes the problems in the Chinese economy come from a shift to a consumption and service based economy; George Soros explains Chinese officials have never faced an economy like the one they are now controlling, which has forced them to seek new ways of maintaining their position as the dominant economy in the world.