The Ins and Outs of Fantasy Football Rankings

Is the Steelers’ Martavis Bryant a WR1 in fantasy football rankings? Seems like a simple question, right?

Many people think fantasy football rankings are basic, but they’re actually quite complicated. Several different facets are considered when compiling the final rankings. For example, based on his TD count of 14 through 24 games, Bryant lands firmly in WR1 territory. Based on his target share, he falls in the low WR1 fantasy football rankings. Based on yardage and projections, he again comes in under the wire of low WR1.

So easily a WR1, right?

Not necessarily. To determine his spot in the final fantasy football rankings, other factors must be considered. With Bryant, the health of his team and the fact that he’s had several suspensions must be taken into account. Due to the subjective nature of these rankings, experts are split from a 5% WR1 chance all the way to 90%.