Beneful Can Turn Any Dog Into a Healthy Dog

I was 10 years old when I got my first dog. I was not aware of the concept of healthy dog food. It seemed like something foreign to me, but I will say that I know so much more about healthy dog food now. Beneful is the reason for my knowledge on the subject. I have been amazed by all the healthy dog food that this Nestle Purinastore owned company has produced over the years. I think that this has made me a lot more careful about the dog food that I get.
The Beneful Healthy Puppy is where I started with my dog when I became an adult. The dog of my youth was one that I barely payed much attention to. I thought that I wanted a dog back then, but I got tired of all that came with taking care of him. When I got out of college I started all over again with a puppy, and I used the Beneful Healthy Puppy to take care of my dog. I though that this was a great foundation for starting out.

As my dog grew I would try out other brands like the Healthy Fiesta. I was amazed that a dog food existed that would contain avocado. It was so unique, and I thought that I needed to try it out. I was thrilled to see that my dog liked it.

The Beneful Medley has also worked well in my home because there is a lot of different variety under this umbrella. There are Romano and Tuscan styles available. I think that this is interesting, and my dogs eats both of these meals easily. His favorite among the Beneful Medley types, however, is the Mediterranean styled meals.

Beneful is doing a great job, and I believe that this company can change any dog into a healthy dog. I really do believe that is the truth. This is a company has focused very hard on producing foods with vitamins that are rich and nutritious. I think that this is good for anyone that is trying to improve the health of their dogs. I also often check website for more of their products.

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Don’t Settle For Dog Food That Is Not Up To Par

I have searched wikipedia far and wide to find the right dog food for my dog. I had been searching for the right brand of dog food for years until a few months ago when I came across Beneful. The main thing I find great about this PurinaStore manufactured brand is that it is not only healthy and nutritious, but my dog loves it and I know this because he has never eaten any other brand of dog food so fast out of his bowl. Since Beneful not only has dry dog food, but they also have wet dog food I try to give my dog different flavors of both kind’s due to the fact that my dog does not like eating the same type of food every day. Types of Beneful dry dog food that I buy my dog are the three different Beneful original flavors, which are real beef, real chicken, and real salmon flavored. The two types of wet dog food made by Beneful that I give my dog are roasted turkey medley and simmered beef entree. Beneful’s wet dog food roasted turkey medley consists of quite a few healthy and nutritious ingredients. Inside of the roasted turkey medley is not only turkey, but also corn, wild rice, peas, and barley. Inside of the simmered beef entree is beef, carrots, wild rice, barley, and spinach. Many dog food brands don’t put their wet dog food inside of a resealable tub, but Beneful does which makes it easier for me to feed my dog the right portions and not have to waste any of the dog food that I bought. Another amazing thing about Beneful is that it not only keeps my dog healthy and has resealable tubs but unlike other dog food brands Beneful uses real meat in their dog food in order to ensure that your dog gets all the nutrition it needs and not just some nutrition. Follow Beneful!



Dog Food So Close to Human Food It Is Hard to Tell Them Apart

Beneful is a product of Purina that is owned by Nestlé, a company that has marketed food products for people since 1866 when they started producing baby food. Nestlé has gone on to mass produce such products as Carnation milk, toll house cookies, Libby’s fruit juices, ice-cream, sauces, frozen foods, and candy. It seemed only natural that Nestlé would acquire dog food, Purina in 2001. Nestlé wasted no time in creating Beneful after buying Purina. Purina had a reputation for fine and healthy foods for canines when it was originally owned by Ralston Purina, established in 1894. Prior to being purchased by Nestlé, Ralston Purina owned Jack in the Box from 1968-1985 and Van Camp Seafood Company from 1963 till 1988. There is no question that Nestlé and Beneful are not committed to high quality food for dogs. Beneful has inspired other dog food companies to begin producing human food quality dog food.
Beneful contains 100 percent real beef, chicken, and salmon. Beneful is rich in protein and calcium for strong bones, glossy skin, and a lush coat. Beneful contains Vitamins B 6, B12, D, and A to assure that dogs get the required nutrition to keep them looking great and active. Purina’s Fresh Pet is so good that the manufacturer chief of Fresh Pet’s production company in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, decided to sample some a slice of the turkey. He said it was every bit as good as the turkey has for Thanksgiving. According to CEO, Richard Thomas, it is his goal to make dog food that tastes every bit as good as human food. These dog food manufacturers are following the lead of Buffalo Blue and Purina dog foods. Mars’ Cesar Home delights just introduced a line of frozen foods in flavors like, Lasagna and Beef Stroganoff. JM Smuckers, that has produced jellies and marmalades for humans, has a dog food company called Milo’s Kitchen. This company has produced beef burger treats and duck jerky for cainine consumption. Creating dog food that tastes and smells like people food is another way to treat your dog like family.