Igor Cornelsen: Empowering Households through Passive Income

Expertise in any professional field is acquired through years of training, ha work, dedication and practice. Igor Cornelsen on tumblr is regarded as one of the investment advisers in Brazil today. His skills run across all aspects of investments from the stock markets to the household level investments.

Being a man of influence and wit, Igor Cornelsen gives lots of advice on investment matters through his publications and journals. One of his most relevant works talks of the need to invest in residual or passive income. This concept has picked up pace over the last few years and attracted the attention of economists.

One of the distinct characteristics of residue income is the elimination of direct involvement as is the norm in other sectors. Active income sources take up most if not all of a person’s time leading to fatigue. Residue income involves identifying worthy investment avenues and implementing relevant strategies. All it takes from here is some follow up on a regular basis.

Secondly, Igor Cornelsen argues that passive income creates a constant flow of revenue into the coffers of the household. With extra income and thus extra money to spend, one can create adequate time for other activities including time with family and vacation. Again, all one needs to do is audit the performance of existing strategies and adjust.

Another astonishing fact about passive income is the fact that it’s a one-off investment. All that is required is that initial injection into the venture and numerous withdrawals afterwards. Active income demands additional injections must be made to keep the business on the right track towards profitability. Also, running cost can be easily avoided.

Igor Cornelsen remains categorical about the nature of modern economics. Households have to spend more and more resources to meet ever increasing demands. The cost of living also continues to soar up higher every year. The time spent in increasing productivity to make money seems to get less every time. Breadwinners have the option of surrender or adjust to new ways of making money. The element of comfort and convenience also stands out in passive income activities. Here, one can work straight from the comfort of their living room with a little operating budget.

In other news, Mr. Cornelsen’s investment management techniques enjoy the wide application. He has become the go-to guy on all matters of investments in Brazil. The focus on long-run and low-risk investments helps him to navigate the economic uncertainties of today’s world with ease. He can win the trust of high-profile stock market investors and multinationals seeking to enter the Brazilian market. At a time when the world’s eyes are firmly focused on Brazil, Igor Cornelsen sets standards for sustainable business practice.