Investor Christopher Burch Talks The Future of Fashion and Technology

From the outside looking in the worlds of technology and fashion might appear to be strange bedfellows but according to longtime investor and entrepreneur Christopher Burch, the industries and the products they create have much more in common than meets the eye. In an article for Burch, the founder of investment firm Burch Creative Capital, makes the case for the common ground that the tech and fashion industries share. He starts by tracing the history of one of the most ubiquitous forms of consumer technology: music tech.



Even though it might be viewed as archaic today there was a time when the boom box was the cutting edge of music technology. Some might argue that the boom box was among the first developments to turn music into a portable experience. Rather than having to gather around a clunky record player or stationary radio, listeners could take their music with them ostensibly giving them the ability to literally start a party wherever they went. Burch also notes that the boom box gave consumers the ability to both play and record music. Where music technology like the boom box converged with fashion is that the product became fashionable, a utilitarian accessory of sorts that was popular to carry around. Like big hair and popped collars, the boom box of the 80s fell victim to the popularity of another advancement in consumer technology: the Walkman. The walkman built upon the personalized listening experience of the boombox by making music even easier to carry around before it was subsumed by the portable CD player and eventually the iPod.



Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur and the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Burch has a distinctive approach to investment that involves nurturing creative, valuing imagination and providing businesses that are primed for disruption the resources that they need to achieve scale and to be successful. He has worked as investor and entrepreneur for almost four decades and during that time has been involved in 50 businesses.



Today Burch’s company is applying its innovative approach to investment to wide number of brands including interior design media company Editor At Large, fashion and home decor brand ED by Ellen Degeneres and digital costume jewelry ecommerce brand Baublebar. This wide range of companies represents Burch’s belief in the importance of having a diversified investment portfolio. Burch has also been involved with companies that are part of the finance, hospitality and consumer goods industries.