Greg Secker: Creator of Learn to Trade


Greg Secker is an English entrepreneur who established the Knowledge to Action Group in 2003, with the objective of teaching the people how to invest and what techniques and methods they should apply to become successful. After establishing the Knowledge to Action Group, Greg Secker founded few more startups, with the most successful being the Learn to Trade platform. Today, the Learn to Trade platform is being used by 200,000 individuals around the globe, and because of how extensive the platform has become, Greg Secker was forced to open satellite offices in the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa to monitor the progress of the platform that he created. Aside from managing his own corporation, Greg Secker also serves as the vice president for Mellon Financial Corporation, and one of the perks given to him is the chance to travel overseas. By traveling to different countries and learning about each culture and way of life, Greg Secker was exposed to an idea that he would later use to work on his project. He found out that the majority of the people today do not care about investments or have limited knowledge about it, and what happens when they grow old is that they do not have any savings left. Greg Secker wanted to change this mindset, and it is the reason why he created the Learn to Trade platform.

While traveling for business purposes, Greg Secker is making sure that he will be securing himself a schedule to hold small seminars or conferences about his platform. He would talk to several business people in the country that he is visiting, telling them about the potential of Learn to Trade. Being an inspirational and charismatic speaker, Greg Secker managed to persuade hundreds of thousands of people around the world to try the Learn to Trade platform and learn so much from it.

Interested individuals who would like to try the Learn to Trade platform can visit their website at The company offers several courses and training materials that would provide new comers an edge when it comes to trading and investing, helping them succeed in the market.