Olympic Valley Incorporation Brought To A Screeching Halt

The Reno Gazette Journal recently provided an article which featured the Olympic Valley Incorporation battle and Andy Wirth. This incorporation battle was seen as a negative for the community and business’s at large. This was not the only issue that the Olympic Valley has had to endure.

Bad weather conditions have not allowed for adequate amounts of snow in the last 4 years. Drought has been the number one issue. This has not allowed snow to form adequately putting the resorts in a difficult position as their main income is the many ski and snowboard tourists that visit every year.

Andy Wirth who is the CEO and president of one of the biggest resorts within the Olympic Valley known as Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been very involved in both community improvement projects and the opposition of this incorporation threat.

This will not be beneficial to the community at large according to Andy Wirth. His holding company, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC has invested large amounts of capital in order to fend off the incorporation efforts. He however is not the only one, the incorporation backers are also spending large amounts of capital to push their agenda.

Andy Wirth’s efforts finally payed off as the California‚Äôs Local Agency Formation Commission decided that the Olympic Valley would not be financially viable. Therefore the incorporation efforts were stopped. This is what Andy Wirth had been fighting for and according to him will now allow the Olympic Valley community to focus their attention on other pressing issues such as transportation and various others.

The community must work together in a cohesive manner and look towards the future. Andy Wirth went on to saying that he believes strongly that the community can agree on what thy love as well as what they require.

Andy Wirth is very organized within the Olympic Valley community supporting various charities and organizations. There is however another foundation that is close to his heart and that is the Navy Seal Foundation. This foundation supports Navy Seals and their families upon returning from deployment. Read more:

The reason for his efforts is the friendships and bonds he created during his recovery journey after suffering a near fatal sky diving crash. During his recovery the men of the Navy Seal’s taught him the importance of strength, brotherhood and the will to survive.

The organization of a iron man team for the Lake Tahoe Iron Man event has allowed Andy Wirth the platform to create mass awareness for the Navy Seal Foundation as well as the possibility to raise funds and assist those families and men who supported him during his journey back.