End Citizens United Group Hope To Bring Fairness Back To U.S. Elections

The End Citizens United campaign may still be in its infancy, but this election reform group has in just over one year become one of best known grassroots organizations taking its funding from small donors giving an average of just under $15 at its outset in 2015. The aim of the group is to end the Citizens United decision passed by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2010 that has been controversial since the outset as it allows millions of dollars to flood into election cycles at all levels; the group claims the major issues faced by the population of the U.S. with the court decision has been the rise of billionaires who have had a major influence on local, state, and national elections.


Many people in the U.S. from all sides of the political spectrum believe the Citizens United decision was a problem for the U.S. electorate, which has affected all the political parties and their ability to rule the nation. End Citizens United has decided to throw its weight behind the Democratic Party as it feels this is the side of the political spectrum in the U.S. that will provide the best chance of making changes to the U.S. Constitution to withdraw the ruling. It is difficult for any group to achieve their goal of passing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but raising awareness of the issues caused by the Citizens United ruling is a good starting point for taking the cause to another level. A Constitutional amendment requires a large amount of support on the House floor to be passed, which is the aim of End Citizens United who hoped to raise around $30 million in funding from grassroots supporters by the end of the 2016 election cycle.


Obviously, it can be difficult for a group to raise funds without looking to millionaires who may not wish to provide funding for a group that would reduce their ability to pass the laws they feel are important for the future of the nation and democracy as a whole. End Citizens United is also a major supporter of the use of transparent finances that reduce the reliance of so called “dark money” on U.S. elections; the group ha made sure to file regular financial updates with the Federal Electoral Committee to make sure its financial situation is always available to members of the public.


Through its work and research, End Citizens United does not feel the Republican Party has the need to remove the decision from law as major conservative financial donors, such as the Koch brothers will continue to provide their funding for the future of the Republican Party. End Citizens United is backing many Democrat’s in elections at all levels it feels will add to the calls that are growing around the U.S. for repeal of the law that is known as Citizens United.

George Soros Wants To Stop Trump At All Cost

George Soros is a very well-known billionaire, and recently did an article about his recent spike in donations to the Democratic party. Soros is an individual that was raised in Europe, and later he immigrated to the United States. George Soros is an individual who was able to amass a fortune that is estimated at about $24.9 billion. George Soros was able to attain his fortune, because he did risky currency trades. He became famous because he is such an amazing investor.

George Soros is also individual that is very involved in politics. He donated $27 million to try to defeat President George Bush in 2004, and now he has come back on the scene with this presidential campaign. Soros has promised that he will donate $25 million for the Democratic fund to help Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump.

George Soros was born in Hungary and at the present time he’s 85 years old. Soros lived through some very difficult times in his life, and he is an individual that truly believes in the power of humanity. George Soros has done much in his life to promote a democratic government. George Soros planned on going to the Democratic convention to watch Hillary Clinton receive the nomination as the Democratic presidential candidate, but he had to cancel his trip because of the economic situation in Europe.

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George Soros closely follows the Democratic race, and he truly believes that the United States will be in a big mess if Donald Trump becomes president on Since he holds so firmly to his believes, he is willing to donate money in order to stop the Donald Trump campaign. George Soros is not only a brilliant financial investor, but he is also an individual that has made accurate predictions on political matters.

George Soros has been recently more politically engaged than he has been in the past few years. It is mainly because he has Faith in Hillary Clinton, and he is truly scared that Donald Trump is doing the work of ISIS. Soros is an individual who has consistently donated to Democratic causes, but this year his donation is unusually high. See: