Success Academy The School Full of Inspiration

Success Academy has a very informative program to deepen one’s knowledge about science. The science program at this academic school begins in Kindergarten. The science program begins early on with applied learning for 5 days per week. Students conduct tests as well as talk over interpretations, statistics, and outcomes. Success Academy incorporates certain disciplines of Science into the curriculum on a daily basis.


Success Academy also offers project based learning. Project based learning is a thorough multidisciplinary learning of one particular topic. It provides an avenue for students to be able to really deepen insight and knowledge. During the study about the Brooklyn Bridge students conduct tests to learn comprehensive information about constructing a bridge, read about Emily Roebling and her contribution as an engineer, and take time to go see the bridge itself for additional observation.


Success Academy also involves itself with field studies. Students get to take a trip to New York City to further learning. Some of the places that have been visited during the field studies are Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Big Apple Circus, and American Museum of Natural History.


Success Academy promotes art as an essential and critical aspect of a child’s day. Students are given the opportunity to work with a variety of art methods and materials. Success Academy uses Contemporary and Traditional Art History to help develop one’s learning and appreciation for art.


Success Academy deepens a child’s understanding of reading and writing by accentuating critical learning on a daily basis. Also, this amazing academy promotes comprehensive conversation during reading and writing time.


Success Academy offers students a variety of sport possibilities. For instance soccer, basketball, and baseball offered at Success Academy help students feel connected to one another as a team. It also helps students feel connected with the community. Students are involved with sports on a daily basis at Success Academy. Sports offered at Success Academy accentuate skill growth and learning game rules. During 3rd-4th grade students are able to participate in sports after school.


In conclusion, Success Academy is a beneficial learning environment for children.