Skout’s Studies Show Power Of Laughter

Everybody loves to laugh and so much so that April is considered National Humor Month. It has been proven in numerous studies that not only does laughter lift our spirits it can have wonderful effects on us physically. Laughing is beneficial to heart health and can even give our muscles a good workout.

Skout is a social media app that allows you to make new friends by alerting you of people nearby that are also using the app. The company is celebrating National Humor Month by looking over some of their users profile pictures. The study found that users who had used a profile picture of themselves laughing received 404% more profile favorites and had 324% more connections than other users. Scott Wiklund, co-founder and CEO of Skout, stated “They say laughter is the best medicine, and now we know it can also help you meet more friends through social media.”
In addition to looking over users profile pictures, Skout also conducted a survey to see how users feel about humor and friendship.

Results from the survey were extremely interesting. People from all over are fairly confident and results came in at 75% of users thinking they are funny. Almost 100% of users said that their favorite style of humor is slapstick and that they most enjoy making other people laugh. It turns out that clowns are not as funny as they seem, 30% of Skout users said that they are actually afraid of clowns and don’t find them hilarious.

In the Lone Star State, Houstonians polled at 100% saying that they enjoy making other people laugh so when in Texas one will always have a good time. New York and San Francisco tied with 83% and are the most confident of users when it comes to thinking they are your every day comedian.

Another surprising result of the survey was that women enjoy comedy films. Only 18% of women users answered the survey saying they enjoy romantic movies while 26% said they would prefer to watch a comedy. Action movies won the poll for men’s favorite type of movie but comedy still came in second.

Skout conducted this survey during March 11th to March 17th and more detailed results can be read on their blog. National Humor Month is not over yet so get out there and start laughing!

This article was originally posted on PRNewswire and can be read here.