About U.S. Money Reserve

Ever since its inception in 2001, the U.S. Money Reserve has been helping clients access U.S government issued gold, silver, and platinum legal tender products. Such is the trust bestowed upon the company that its clients number hundreds of thousands.


The privately owned financial business helps U.S. clients diversify their personal assets. It enables them own actual gold and silver instead of just the stocks and bonds which many investors worldwide usually go for.


About U.S. government gold and silver coins


The U.S. government gold and silver coins are produced and dispatched by The United States Mint. This body was by a 1972 Congress act and given the sole authority to manufacture legal tender coinage. The Mint also produces numismatic products such as commerative coins and others.


Why you should buy precious metals through U.S. Money Reserve


The U.S. Money Reserve has proved to be an authority in the field of legal tender products and this is the first reason why you should look to it when seeking government issued precious coins. Many companies have entered and withdrawn from this volatile market but U.S. Money Reserve has been standing strong for well over 10 years.


The other reason why you should choose the U.S. Money Reserve over other coin dealers is because it is credible and reliable. It trades in coins which are sourced directly from The Mint thereby eliminating chances of forgery and other malpractices. The company also offers stable pricing as opposed to other companies which may hike prices every now and then.


Lastly, the company is very committed to clients satisfaction. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee and also have very competent staff attending to their customers’ needs.


The company’s staff is made up of professionals who are dedicated to coin research as well as a numismatic expert. In addition to these individuals, it also has a customer care department, a business support unit, and a shipping unit. As a customer, these professionals will work with you as appropriate to ensure you get the best out of your venture of buying precious metals.


Why should you buy gold, silver, or platinum coins?


The main reason why you should buy precious metals instead of investing your money elsewhere is because you are assured of a financially safe future when you buy the precious metals. Unlike stocks, bonds, and mutual funds which may fall to the unpredictable forces of liquidity and depreciation, you coins will still be there in the future and they will be having the same value they had at the beginning if not higher.


In addition to everything, buying precious metals gives you a chance to own tangible property unlike in other cases where your wealth is just stated on paper. U.S. Money Reserve will for example have your legal tender delivered to you at your home, office, or bank.


U.S Money Reserve’s IRA service


As an IRA account holder, you can choose to partner with U.S. Money Reserve and transfer your savings to a gold and silver retirement account. The precious metals will help protect your savings from uncertainties such as depreciation and safeguard your financial future.


If you wish to save for your retirement, you can alternatively open a Self Directed IRA account and get to have absolute control over the amount of precious metal assets in your possession.


Choose The U.S. Money Reserve


Are you thinking of deviating from normal investment methods and delving instead in precious coin investment? If yes, you should consider partnering with the U.S. Money Reserve. The company has impeccable service and can also be trusted. In it, you will likely find the help you need in your investment venture.

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