UKV is a UK-based wine investment company that specializes in the acquisition of pleasurable and exciting wine brands such as Champaign and Grade Luxury Fine Wine. The company began operations in 2015, and its mission is to provide guidance to potential clients that seek the best wine brands for investment or consumption in different occasions. UKV has an experienced team of wine consultants that is always available to offer all the information you may need about wines.

Customers in search of prestigious wine labels from the most popular vineyards of Spain, Italy, and France are offered personal service by UKV. Some clients develop lucrative fine wine collections for businesses purposes. It is possible to gain financially from your wine collection apart from the pleasure of drinking. UKV extensive network of industry contacts that come in handy when selecting the finest investment champagne and grade fine wine.

The company has the ability to offer the best wines from Europe’s leading vineyards and ensures that clients get their most desired labels. Apart from its existing fine wine collection, the company has the necessary networks to ensure that clients get their preferred investment grade wine. A collection of wine for sale is not a completely new concept. People have always sold their wine collection to fund their drinking. Traditionally, the fine wine was used as a form of currency and a major tradable commodity. Wine is still a viable asset to hold for future financial gain if one has some disposable income. This concept helps in safeguarding individuals against turbulent economic movements and financial downturns.

Apart from being an enjoyable asset of pleasure, most people continue to discover that fine wine is a tangible asset to hold. The demand for fine wine has been rising in recent years as a result of the emerging markets that are largely involved in investment and drinking. Most investors have begun to shift from traditional investments to wine investment because leading wines accrue value with time. The fact that one has complete control and ownership of their wine collection makes the collection to be considered as a tangible asset.

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