Doe Deere Self Promotes Her Own Brand

Doe Deere is doing her thing when it comes to the world of cosmetic rebellion. This is exactly what her site represents because she is not your typical cover girl that is playing it safe. To the contrary, Doe Deere is the fashionista that crossed over into cosmetics, and now she appears to be expanding her Lime Crime line of products.


Semi-permanent hair dye is something that Doe Deere has been experimenting with for a long time. Anyone that has seen a video or a photo of her knows that her natural hair color is something that she would rather do without when it comes to her sense of style. It all plays into her desire to make her brand different.


As a brand builder Doe Deere realizes that a large part of the marketing process is selling yourself. When she has the Lime Crime brand put out there for the world to see she is utilizing herself as the main marketing tool. This is something that she has as an advantage over other bigger companies that have people in charge that are simply sitting behind a desk.


It does not matter how much Lime Crime expands and grows. Doe Deere is not taking a backseat to advertising the products that are part of her company. She started in a place at the bottom where she was visible to the customers. Now that Lime Crime has more than a million Instagram followers it still seems like a good fit for Doe Deere to be in the front leading the way to the new products that she is unveiling.


This marketing technique is successful for Doe Deere because she is the one that her fans know. It is true that there are other women that are on the website to promote the lip gloss, lipstick and hair dye, but people associate Lime Crime Cosmetics directly with Doe Deere. Her face is the face of this brand, and that is why this has become a genius way to market without actually going into mainstream operating costs for advertising.


Doe Deere has been able to play it smart over the years because she was willing to promote the product on YouTube and actually wear what she was promoting to others. This causes people to notice her, and that is how a lot of her followers became loyal to the brand. Learn more:


People that are patronizing Doe Deere and her brand know that they are investing directly into someone that wants to promote the highest quality. There is no changing of the guards when it comes to who is in charge. This is what women like when they see the products that she is offering. They know that they can expect the same quality from the new semi-permanent hair dye that they have been able to expect from the eyeliner and lipstick products that they have been using all along. Doe Deere has become someone that connects her customers with new products through social media.


Doe Deere – article recap

It has become tempting for many people to embark on their own business venture as a way to be their own boss and control their own work. Making the jump to being an entrepreneur can be stressful and overwhelming, but most people have weighed their options and considered running their own business venture. Let us take a look at some of the ways that you can find success in your own business venture: Learn more:

Figure Out Your Passion

There are some people in the world that are true go-getters. They have the passion to do what they love at any cost and they somehow make things happen. No matter what your concept might be or how hard it seems to be to achieve your goals, if something truly excites you then you need to embrace your passion. The most successful business men and women insist that if you are doing something that you truly love, you will never work another day in your life. While it takes a lot of time and energy to get to where you want to be, your passion can be your driving force to get things done and stick with it.

Develop Your Skills

As humans we are all unique with what we are good at and over the years we tend to develop our skill sets and work with what we have been given. If you are beginning a business venture, you may want to work with something you are already passionate about or good at. This is much easier and more profitable than trying to hone in on a brand new skill and get started from square one. You can always further learn and develop your skills as time goes on.

Stay Tough

Even when problems creep up or challenges arise, its important to never waiver in what you have set out to do. In the early stages of beginning a career it can be very hard to make money and often you feel like you are failing. This is all normal and just part of the process of startup. Professional, Doe Deere emphasizes how important it is to stay true to your passions and what you are trying to do. Use effective problem solving techniques to figure out problems and adapt how you see fit.

Don’t forget that every company and business had to start somewhere and there was usually one or two people behind the original business idea that truly believed in what they wanted to do. Doe Deere is the founder as well as CEO of the company, Lime Crime Makeup. Her expertise and entrepreneurship is invaluable to others who are looking to start their own brand or company. Her high quality cosmetic line is something she feels very passionately about. Learn more:

Julie Zuckerberg Top Talent Attracting The Same

Julie Zuckerberg is a highly regarded executive recruiter known throughout the New York city business sector. One of the key functions of the executive recruiter is to have a positive effect on business growth. Julie Zuckerberg is noted to have achieved this in the key positions she has held.


Zuckerberg earned her undergraduate bachelors Degree from Citi University in New York majoring in Philosophy. Afterward, she went on to law school  in  New York graduating Juris Doctor. Her recruiting experience began in 2002 with Hudson, as she served in candidate placement. At this level she gained practical day-to-day experience in screening candidates for their skills and abilities, assess strengths they bring to a position, and could further coach those selected to enhance their job readiness for day one and beyond. Hudson provided attorneys, paralegals and support staff for firms who contracted with them for those services. Zuckerberg was with this company until 2007. Then, she assumed a position with Citi Global. Her main capacity was to monitor the recruitment process from start to completion. Furthermore, she would make recommendations to management on how the process may better be utilized so to attract talent and screen candidates. As a highly regarded recruiter, Zuckerberg is aware of trends within recruiting; she also has a sense for management styles as well as labor relations.


Since 2013, Zuckerberg has been with Deutsche Bank after serving a transitory stint with New York Life Insurance. At Deutsche Bank, Zuckerberg is Vice-President and Executive Acquisitions Talent Lead. She continues to attract top talent as this is an international institution.


Zuckerberg has proven herself and established her name in the executive recruitment profession. As noted salary average in this profession is said to range from $60,000.00 to $120,000.00 annually. This is primarily based on experience and education background. So too, recruiters, also called head hunters, may start out working in-house as part of a Human Resource Department or contract services via an outside company.


Zuckerberg has various avocational interests that complement her professional pursuits. Her LinkedIn profile indicates interest in social action. This is noted to include human rights, advocacy and animal welfare, as well as civil rights and economic empowerment.


Outside of work, Zuckerberg is noted to have interest in photography. In particular, she likes to capture elements of nature in picture. She also enjoys hiking in and around New York City’s parks and established urban or nature trails.



Malini Saba: Charity Without Limits

 Malini Saba is a woman who passion and dedication to philanthropy are beyond reproach. When she visited tsunami victims in India in 2005, she could not help but shed tears of pain. Perhaps her passion is not only guided by her maternal instincts but also guided by her elaborate background in adversity. She endured a torrid arranged marriage when she was just 19. She had not enjoyed any privileges by the time she was getting married. This humble background made her a passionate giver. In a situation he could not help, she joined the women and children affected by grief.


While she has a strong foundation in giving and empathy, she is also a distinguished silicon investor. She saw gems in PayPal, Sycamore Networks and others ventures potential before anyone else did. She saw the future of the startups and invested when it mattered. Her success was significant. However, she did not start there. She has an illustrious career in business and entrepreneurship.


She took part in Stanford University open education policy to study business and entrepreneurship. This is when she was still a newlywed and living with her husband on the University campus. She was able to empower herself to an extent when she was able to support her family and support some of her charity work. She elevated herself from deplorable university cubicles to a decent lifestyle through hard work, passion, and shrewd operations.


Her passion for education was not cut by her new role as a wife and had to continue dreaming. Today, she holds a Master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology from the University of Western Australia. Her investments go beyond the US and her native South Asia. She has interests in oil and gas and chairs Saban Group of Industries.


Malini Saba was born in Malaysia to Sri Lankan parents who later relocated to Australia when Malini was still a child. She had endured a loving but a poor financial background. But today, Malini is taking significant joy in allowing vulnerable children and women in adversity to enjoy a fair share of her personal success. She gives relentlessly. She has donated over $10million to worthy causes in Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Her first significant donation went to El Camino Hospital for Heart Research Center.


Her foundation, Stree: Global Investments in Women, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower women and children. The focus is on women in the low-income bracket, those a risk of societal dangers like arranged marriages and vulnerable children. She is truly an outstanding woman.


Breaking the Rules to Achieve True Self Expression

Staying current with all of the new fashion trends is difficult, particularly when there are so many different rules to follow. However, things may be a little easier than they seem according to Doe Deere. As seen on, we can learn from Doe that there are a lot of rules that are meant to be broken. The results are phenomenal.


One interesting rule breaking opportunity that we learn from Doe Deere is that it’s okay to mix colors. Many fashionistas will argue that mixing too many colors creates a very busy look. While it’s certainly possible to have way too many colors in one setting, when done right, a high amount of blending colors can look great. Doe says that the trick to pulling off this kind of look is making sure that you have color coordination. Colors that don’t go well together on paper may go well in an outfit, so it’s important to experiment with different colors.


Similar to the color rule, there’s another common thought that you shouldn’t mix too many different patterns. Some people say that when you mix too many patterns you are creating an uncoordinated, messy look. Deere teaches her followers that there’s plenty of options when it comes to mixing patterns. She says that there’s really no wrong way of going about mixing patterns, but that patterns can really accentuate an outfit. One of the tricks to make the differing patterns work well for an outfit is to make sure that there’s a common theme. Color’s work well to serve as an anchor for all of the mixing patterns.


Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, aims to help individuals to express themselves through their own personal style. She’s a big fan of breaking typical fashion rules to show that creativity can go a long way in fashion. She believes that beauty isn’t just what other people think looks good, but rather what the individual feels at any given moment.


To help her followers discover their own individual style, Doe has founded Lime Crime Cosmetics. Her line of cosmetics feature an intense, vibrant, and bold array of colors and possibilities. She has an international following and loves to help her fans discover their true fashion sense. Her eye shadow, nail polishes, lipsticks and more are specifically crafted so that people everywhere can show their unique individuality.