Whitney Wolfe Herd Article Recap and Brief Information

This will give information surrounding the CEO of Bumble Whitney Wolfe Herd. Originally Wolfe Herd wanted to create an app where women would feel more comfortable. A company with that thought in mind with more than $1 billion.There was a reporter who wrote an article in TexasMonthly about her experience of the app. When she heard of this app called Bumble she complained of the dating apps. Now in an age range of the early forties she was In the largest boom ever for those who were single. To her that placement felt like a disaster in dating and sometime a feminist victory. After having lunch with a male friend of hers she received more encouragement to keep up on the online dating. At that moment, she decided to get the Bumble app on her phone.

For her the app seemed different when she spent more time on it. On this app, she found better men for it. She liked how in the app the women would message the guy first instead of the other way around. She would also get twenty-four hours before the date match disappeared. However, the reporter found one thing that was hard to achieve in the dating app and that was hope. Later in May 2017, the reporter got the opportunity to visit Bumble and also Whitney Wolfe Herd. The dating app company was placed in an apartment with a two-bedroom in Austin Texas. But, an office that would be larger and attractive was being built.

The reporter learned more and more about this app. One of the key components was the users of the app would be required to hold themselves accountable for their actions and words. Sadly, the internet had been ignoring that rule and the users were suffering the consequences of the rule break. But, later Bumble would ban certain pictures being submitted. Due to this more people downloaded the app resulting in twenty-seven separate downloads. In 2017 the company had made over $100 million in sales and was predicted in doubling the amount in 2018.Now some general information on Whitney Wolfe Herd. Whitney Wolfe Herd had a vision of strategy which has led to the growth of almost ten million users. This app was released in 2014 and was the only dating platform that have women make the first move. Recently, the 100,000,000th move on the app was celebrated.

Eric Lefkofsky Leading Tempus to Precision-enabled Medicine

Eric Lefkofsky is an active businessman, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Over the past couple of years at the forefront of his focus has been one of his latest companies that he co-founded a couple of years ago.The business is called Tempus and t is a technology company that has started working in biotechnology.

Tempus is a business that aims to bring the future of medicine closer to the present. The company is focused on data-enable precision in medicine that is said to be the next step for the field. To be more specific, Tempus analyzes two types of data- molecular and clinical. Each set of data is specific to a patient with some kind of cancer, and Tempus aims to provide each case with a personalized therapy treatment to combat the disease as efficiently as possible. Tempus wants to transform the way cancer therapies are delivered.

Over its work, Tempus has had several hurdles such as expenses and the way personal data is collected about patients. Tempus has had to create software to read the hand-written notes that doctors had to provide as that is the most common way of collecting patient data. With the help of the software, Tempus has been able to collect and keep all of the information in a structured and accessible way.

Tempus uses a procedure called genome sequencing. The company had some problems at first as this process is extremely pricey. Now, it costs 5 000 dollars, but in 2003 it was at the mind-blowing cost of 100 million. Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus aim to bring down the price a bit further so that the genome sequencing can be used on a wider scale.

All in all, the work at Tempus has been going progressively forward despite the hurdles. The company has a number of partners such as universities, clinics, and hospitals around the United States of America. Some of the partners working with Tempus are the University of Michigan, the local University of Chicago- Medical School, the northwestern Lurie Cancer Center, the Mayo Clinic, and Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center, to name a few.

Fabletics takes on Amazon

Amazon is that company that is growing faster than any other athletic clothing company right now. Shoppers that have witnessed the way that Amazon is growing cannot deny that this is a monster company. Although, most people only know Amazon for things like books, electronics and music. Few would have guessed that Amazon may be one of the biggest competitors for athletic clothing companies like Fabletics.


This may be a surprise to some consumers, but Kate Hudson is aware. That is why she is doing everything she can to build a legacy when it comes to competing with someone like Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.


What Kate Hudson has discovered is that Jeff Bezos is adamant becoming dominant in every area. It is not enough for Amazon to be at the top when it comes to electronics or music. Bezos wants people to buy clothes from Amazon just the way that they are interested in buying toiletries or snacks.


Kate Hudson knows that she cannot compete with Amazon on these levels where they are selling other products, but she does believe wholeheartedly that she will be the one that is at the top of her game when it comes to outlet clothing for women. She is the one that is marketing the brand, and she knows all about the things that it takes to lure women that are trying to make the most of their shopping experience.


Hudson has put forth a solid plan to get women to take a lifestyle profile quiz where they can make notes on what they like best as a customer. Once they sign up for this they will have the chance to get into a VIP membership where clothes can be shipped to them based on their preferences.


This is light years ahead of what Jeff Bezos has done for Amazon, and that right now is the thing that makes people notice Fabletics over other companies. All of this is advertising that Jeff is outsourcing happens because he does not have the ability to do this on his own.


Kate Hudson, however, has shown the world that she is the face of Fabletics. She is the one that is helping with the design of the clothes as well as the comfort level and prices that are associated with these clothes. That makes her a very intricate part of the brand that she is promoting.

Organo Gold Can Change Your Future

Organo Gold began in 2008′ with a small team of individuals that were determined to make a change. Organo Gold was structured to benefit the end user and transform the financial situation of those working along side the brand. Organo Gold now has distributors in over 50 different countries. Organo Gold has a wide variety of premium products. There product lines are formulated with the highest-grade ingredients available. Organo Gold has premium gourmet coffee flavors that are created with Ganoderma lucidum. For those who are not into coffee, Organo Gold has specialty hot and cold tea flavors. Both hot and cold tea’s are infused with Ganoderma lucidum. Watch this video on Youtube.

Ganoderma lucidum is no ordinary herb. This powerful herb has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Because of it’s extreme potency people began calling it the “mushroom of immortality”. Ganoderma lucidum’s popularity has grown in western countries because of the health benefits associated with it. This herb has been proven to boost the immune system of individuals and fight the proliferation of cancer cells. Ganoderma lucidum has an excellent amount of antioxidants and has been proven to aide in liver protection. Organo Gold understands that eating the right foods is critical when trying to live healthier. They have crafted nutritional shake’s packed with protein and other beneficial ingredients. Organo Gold wants to protect your smile too. The Organo Smile toothpaste has a great mint flavor and is infused with Ganoderma lucidum. Visit corpdev.ogmentorship.com to know more.

For those looking to increase their income and get out of the rat race, Organo Gold is your ticket to the fast lane. This brand has transformed thousands of lives by allowing people go gain financial freedom. Being stuck at a dead-end job makes no sense. Organo Gold doesn’t want to limit your income either. As a distributor there are seven ways go get paid. What sets Organo Gold’s business model apart from others is the support team they have set in place. Whether you are a customer needing help with something or a distributor needing guidance, this brand is built on helping others. Organo takes pride in being able to give back to others in need. Take part of the brand that’s becoming a global phenomenon, and live happier and healthier with their products.

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James Dondero – Running a Company and Making a Difference

A man frequently in the news for his accomplishments as a businessman and a philanthropist is Mr. James Dondero. He is the President of Highland Capital Management L.P., with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company is known globally as an investment advisory and fund management firm.

Background Highlights on Mr. Bondero

He is a graduate of the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. He graduated in 1984 with dual majors, those being Accounting and Finance. He achieved the University’s highest honors. Additionally, James Dondero achieved certifications as a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. In the years to follow, he enjoyed successful career moves in the financial industry, including the positions as a Corporate Bond Analyst and as a Portfolio Manager at American Express. Visit Nexbank to know more about James.

Mr. James Dondero, Company President and Philanthropist

In 1993, Mr. Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management with Mr. Mark Okada, the Chief Investment Officer at the firm. The company and its’ founders are extremely active and very generous contributors to community and charitable organizations within Texas as well as many charities around the world.

Visit: http://www.jamesdondero.com/

James Dondero Offers a One Million Dollar Challenge Grant

Thanks to James Dondero and Highland Capital Management, The Family Place saw a huge increase in donations last year during their capital campaign! The Family Place helps victims of domestic violence in the state of Texas. Mr. Dondero announced he would match 50% of the funds raised in the campaign by up to One Million Dollars and the campaign goals were met! The Family Place organization is located in Texas, and it has been providing counseling and finding shelter for countless victims of domestic violence since 1978. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Eric Lefkofsky Used Tempus to Help Others

Eric Lefkofsky has always been a helper. He likes to help people who are in difficult situations and he does what he can to give them the opportunities they need to be successful. Since Eric Lefkofsky knew what he needed to do to help people who have cancer, he knew he would need to make some choices that would allow him to continue giving back to the community he was a part of. It all came back to what he could do on his own and how he could run the Tempus company. There were many ways in which he was helping people and that’s what gave him the ability to continue giving everyone what they needed. The data collection part of the company has been influential and other companies know they are doing the right thing by following in Eric Lefkofsky’s footsteps with different things they have to offer.

Eric Lefkofsky made sure that Tempus was a positive company. He allowed them to collaborate with Cancerlinq. The company gave him the ability to make sure he was doing his best and make sure he could try different things. It also allowed him the chance to show others what they could do. With both Tempus and Cancerlinq working together, they could give cancer patients the help they needed. Doctors could use the data collected from both companies to come up with positive solutions to help all the patients they had no matter what issues they were facing.

Being a part of the company let Eric Lefkofsky continue to make it grow. He knew the company would be better if he was active in it and if he was doing his best to make it a better company. By looking at all of the results other people had learned about and all the cancer treatment options they could use, Eric Lefkofsky found he was doing things the right way. He also knew he was making things easier on people who wanted to have the best situation possible. He had always done what he could to bring attention to these issues and these opportunities.

The Rocketship Education Community Is Much More Than Just A School

Rocketship Education is well-known as one of the fastest-growing and impressive educational groups in the U.S. after being established in 2006 before expanding to now operate 20 schools across three states and Washington D.C. The charter schools program focuses solely on the elementary school age group of students who come from low-income families the leaders of the group, Preston Smith and John Danner identified as those struggling to make an impact in terms of educational opportunities during their time as public school teachers. Smith and Danner came together in 2006 to open their first class in a San Jose church hall which would soon grow into one of the best-performing school communities in the U.S.

Building a community is not solely about creating a brighter future for students at Rocketship Education’s campuses across the three states of California, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. Creating a community has been highlighted in 2017 when devastating flooding struck low-income areas of San Jose and prompted an emergency response headed by educators and families at Rocketship Education; many of the families affected by flooding in 2017 were provided with food, emergency clothing, and other much-needed supplies to maintain their standard of living when almost everything was lost. Members of the Rocketship Education community across the nation made donations through specialist charities helping with the affected areas of San Jose as news of the problem affecting a number of families spread across the nation.

One of the ways the Rocketship Education experiencer differs from the traditional public school’s system experience for families is the fact parents are given as much of a role in the school community as students are. Part of the work of Rocketship Education revolves around the need to engage with parents to make sure they are affecting the lives of students in a positive way. For the educators, at Rocketship Education the home of a student is simply an extension of the school campus and is visited on regular occasions by teachers dedicated to helping children in a safe and effective manner.

Jason Hope’s Instruction on IoT and His Most Recent E-book

From computers to music players, it seems that increasingly more members of society have become dependent on their mobile devices. While this dedication can be a positive thing, users should be aware of the power of such things. Jason Hope’s new e-book discusses the intricate web of communication that individuals have become entangled in when they use their products and how to navigate it.

Hope has shown substantial talent in predicting the future commodities of the technology field, in fact, he is regarded as an expert futurist. At the beginning of his career, Hope earned a degree in Finance and an MBA from Arizona State University. It was his hope that he could build on the passion he had for business and create something innovative. He eventually started his own technology company, which has now ballooned to include several other successful acquisitions. Hope has never been afraid to put himself out there in the business world, he trusts his experience and keen intuition.

Hope’s e-book “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution”: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era” is the embodiment of all his hard work in the technology field and can be purchased on Amazon.com. In addition to running a successful portfolio of business, Hope wrote this e-book to help his readers prepare for a world that is more dependent on the Internet-of-Things, or IoT, around them. The e-book not only explains IoT, but it instructs readers on how to maintain security and manage their devices properly.

The important thing about IoT is that it is the network that all mobile devices use to communicate with one another. A cell phone is a great example of an IoT device, but tablets, cars, and appliances are also capable of IoT communication. These devices are equipped with software and chips that help them communicate with other devices all the way around the world through this IoT web. This interconnectedness is pivotal to modern society.

The IoT is poised to become even more important in the future. Experts agree that by 2020, the IoT market will host more than 30 billion devices and be worth a whopping 7.1 trillion dollars. This means that not only will IoT be more prevalent, but it will be more influential. Hope’s e-book is the first step users can take to prepare themselves for this new reality. Hope knows that the IoT is a good thing, and he wants his readers to feel confident with their devices.

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What Are The Benefits of Neurocore Brain Performance Center Treament?

Neurocore Brain Performance Center accommodates people that are suffering with varying types and severities of depression. Although depression is a severe condition and at times there seems to be no way out of it, it is treatable. Sometimes a simple session with a therapist helps or in some cases you need to take more intense or complicated steps.

At Neurocore Brain Performance Center, they understandably focus on a patient using EEG brainwave pattern technology. Using this and other forms of technology, they take measures to pinpoint the exact symptoms or issues that cause an individual’s depression. When the beginning evaluation processes are complete it will give them a better picture of how to address the problem. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Depression is more than just a negative emotion, it’s a clinical problem that can be treated.

There are many different symptoms and many different reasons and or causes of it. Everyone is different some may suffer from depression due to the loss of a family member or a lover who has left and it’s hard for the person to get over the pain, anger and other emotions. Whatever the case or issue may be, depression is no laughing matter and it can take a toll on a person mentally as well as physically.

See more information about Neurocore at Linkedin.com.

There are many forms of treatment available whether it’s medical or psychological. When dealing with the medical treatment people are often prescribed medications such as antidepressants. For psychological treatment people often result in seeing a therapist on a regular basis just to get what they are depressed about off their chest and whatever else may be on their mind.

Read: http://www.muscletech.com/products/pro-series/neurocore/

Sometimes dealing with depression can be a tough ride. For some it can be easier to overcome and for others not so much. Although depression can lead to unfortunate circumstances like emotional outbursts, self-harming behavior, medication overdose and suicide, there is help available from services and treatments at places like Neurocore Brain Performance Center.

Greg Secker: Creator of Learn to Trade


Greg Secker is an English entrepreneur who established the Knowledge to Action Group in 2003, with the objective of teaching the people how to invest and what techniques and methods they should apply to become successful. After establishing the Knowledge to Action Group, Greg Secker founded few more startups, with the most successful being the Learn to Trade platform. Today, the Learn to Trade platform is being used by 200,000 individuals around the globe, and because of how extensive the platform has become, Greg Secker was forced to open satellite offices in the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa to monitor the progress of the platform that he created. Aside from managing his own corporation, Greg Secker also serves as the vice president for Mellon Financial Corporation, and one of the perks given to him is the chance to travel overseas. By traveling to different countries and learning about each culture and way of life, Greg Secker was exposed to an idea that he would later use to work on his project. He found out that the majority of the people today do not care about investments or have limited knowledge about it, and what happens when they grow old is that they do not have any savings left. Greg Secker wanted to change this mindset, and it is the reason why he created the Learn to Trade platform.

While traveling for business purposes, Greg Secker is making sure that he will be securing himself a schedule to hold small seminars or conferences about his platform. He would talk to several business people in the country that he is visiting, telling them about the potential of Learn to Trade. Being an inspirational and charismatic speaker, Greg Secker managed to persuade hundreds of thousands of people around the world to try the Learn to Trade platform and learn so much from it.

Interested individuals who would like to try the Learn to Trade platform can visit their website at www.learntotrade.com. The company offers several courses and training materials that would provide new comers an edge when it comes to trading and investing, helping them succeed in the market.